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HTGAWM: Wes Bores, Asher Decides and We Finally “Meet Bonnie”

By on October 23, 2015

(ABC/Greg Gayne) LIZA WEIL

By Chelsea A. Hensley

When “Meet Bonnie” begins, it’s with Annalise’s waifish right hand fleeing the Hapstall mansion and jumping into a car with a clearly traumatized Asher. Some focus on the woman who unrepentantly suffocated someone is just what we’ve been waiting for from HTGAWM, but for an episode with her name in it, it’s fairly lite on the Bonnie. She’s there, and it’s her actions that are propelling the episode, and our time with her is universally strong, though that doesn’t make the episode any less scattered. It evens out as it nears its end, but Bonnie still has to contend with Asher’s negotiations with Sinclair, Annalise’s attempts at wrangling Nate and Asher, Laurel having sex with Frank in Annalise’s basement, Michaela dirty talking with Levi, and Wes and Levi’s messy investigation into what happened to Rebecca.

Bonnie feeds Asher a teary story about killing Sam in self-defense when he tried to rape her, and while she, Annalise and Frank are tackling this issue, the rest of the Keating Five devolve into paranoia about what Asher may or may not know. For some reason they do very little work this episode (though Michaela finds video proving Helen Hapstall was a pretty huge racist) and instead spend the workday drinking and sneaking off the basement for not-so-secret-sex. Oh, and Wes is also continuing to investigate things with Levi, though it’s hard to care about that anymore. It’s so hard to care about Wes that I spent all of “Meet Bonnie” (in which everyone is in a tizzy about Asher testifying) wondering why won’t anyone just admit Wes killed Sam?


Bye, Wes

Last season protecting Wes made some sense, with Annalise having developed an attachment to him. But that’s not the same for everyone. With the increasing anxiety about being found out, you think it would occur to someone to just announce who did it and save themselves, especially if pleasing Annalise is no longer an incentive. Asher’s making immunity deals so surely that’s possible for the others, but it never comes up even as things get more and more complex. HTGAWM has a dense mystery that isn’t going to be getting any less complicated, and after Bonnie’s confession even I’m in danger of forgetting who killed Sam, and with Wes growing more and more uninteresting, I’m partial to someone just sending him down the river.

The Keating Five just aren’t exciting enough for me to care if they get caught or not. Though they have their moments (like Connor and Michaela’s continued camaraderie and Laurel calling dibs on Michaela in their hypothetical orgy), they’re so out of their league that it makes rooting for them next to impossible. Wes is feeling very confident in learning the truth, not knowing that Annalise and Frank are already working against him. When Wes steals the key to Frank’s storage locker, thinking that’s where Frank stashed Rebecca’s body, it’s all a ruse. A lone suitcase is revealed to store nothing more than piles of cash. Add in Levi’s arrest for drug possession, and Frank is clearly far superior to the puppy and his comrades. That alone is enough for me to wish success for him, Annalise and Bonnie.

By episode’s end, Wes has thoroughly burned his bridges with the other students. Laurel doesn’t take kindly to his suspicions of Frank, Connor’s aggravated with Wes digging them deeper and deeper into this mess, and Michaela’s pissed that he allowed her to continue her relationship with Eggs 911. In the span of a few episodes, Wes has become one of the show’s most tiring elements. He’s trying to get justice for Rebecca, which should be a noble effort except no one cared for Rebecca but him. The rest of the Keating Five aren’t really rising to take his place as favorite, (though Laurel’s willingness to do anything is both troubling and endearing), but at this point Asher’s got a better shot of it based solely on being interesting while onscreen.

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