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SLEEPY HOLLOW: 6 Things to Know About the Season 3 Premiere

By on September 24, 2015

SLEEPY HOLLOW: Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison, L) and Abbie (Nicole Beharie, R) | Co. CR: Tina Rowden/FOX

The fight is over. The Apocalypse has been averted and everyone is free to move on with their lives.

For Sleepy Hollow’s Abbie Mills the next step seems simple – return to Quantico and resume her original plan to join the FBI.

Ichabod Crane meanwhile finds it almost impossible to reconcile his purpose in life now that his role as a Witness is defunct. What’s a man out of time to do without some demons to hunt and some modern technologies to confound him?

Don’t worry, Sleepy Hollow fans. There’s a new big bad on the horizon that will make all those other big bads seem like a warm up act.

The world is going to need Abbie and Ichabod to team up again faster than you can say “Put Crane on a Plane.”

We’re fresh from a press viewing of the first episode of the season and have 6 teasers to share with you. As usual, we’ve avoided important reveals and large plot developments that could otherwise ruin your enjoyment of the episode (we want you to enjoy it as much as we did).

We do however ask you to take some cautionary measures, particularly if you’re a dyed in the wool spoilerphobe, as one man’s teaser is another man’s spoiler …

Trials and Tribulations

We’ll be honest. We’re not quite sure if we’ll ever see Abraham Von Brunt again, but we can tell you the first thing you’ll see on Sleepy Hollow’s season 3 premiere is the iconic Horseman of the Apocalypse.

But don’t lose your head. Moloch and his cronies are officially yesterday. There’s a new big bad in town. Name’s Pandora. Has this box. Bad things are coming. You have been warned.

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