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“Snow Angels” in NYC: Elementary Review

By on April 5, 2013

Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes. Image © CBS

Elementary, now officially renewed for a second season, returns this week with the entertaining “Snow Angels”. The writers inject plenty of humour into this episode, welcoming us back to the Holmes/Watson residence after a brief absence. The case is made more challenging by the weather, which is nearly a character itself. We also meet a couple new characters, and at least one of them will be around in the future.

Initially, the case looks quite basic – too simple for the likes of Sherlock Holmes. It appears to be a robbery of expensive new cell phones. When New York City loses power thanks to a storm, Holmes finds the idea of solving a crime in “the stone age” to be intriguing. As they proceed forward, the originally uncomplicated crime takes a variety of complex turns.

There’s really no way the audience can predict the result of a case like this, as we are fed new information on a continual basis. If you are the kind of viewer who likes to figure it out before the protagonist does, this kind of plot would be frustrating. However, Elementary uses this type of perplexing format regularly, and it is not what makes the show so enjoyable to watch.

What does pique our interest is the relationship between Holmes and Watson, which is in fine form during this episode. They bicker about cleaning, throw each other disparaging glances, and wear matching coats. It is particularly comical when they argue in front of a disbelieving Pam (guest star Becky Ann Baker), the snow plow driver Holmes bribes into giving them a lift.

Holmes’s one-liners are show-stealing. When a dispatch official informs Holmes that Gregson is not at the office due to a storm, Holmes deadpans, “A storm you say? We should be on the lookout.” How Lucy Liu, bundled up in snow gear next to him, does not burst out laughing is a mystery. This show must have an excellent blooper reel.

Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller. Image © CBS

Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller. Image © CBS

Watson continues to establish herself as a consultant, with Holmes giving her ample opportunity to figure out parts of the case on her own. She also points out the insanity of Holmes’s deductive process when she fires off a bunch of crazy theories and waits for his response. When he gives her a blank stare, she follows up with, “Do you see how it feels? Just tell me how you know.” It’s great that the show points out these things, rather than continue with a stale and somewhat impractical system.

Another character introduced is Miss Hudson, a transgender woman who Holmes invites to stay at the brownstone. At first, Watson finds this to be an irritating breach of roommate courtesy. Once she gets to know Miss Hudson, however, she changes her tune. When Holmes ends up asking the charismatic Miss Hudson to become their regular housekeeper, Watson is glad.

While it may not have progressed the plot forward very much, “Snow Angels” proves to be a lot of fun. The loss of power also makes the story feel more classically Sherlock Holmes-like, as they rely on rather traditional methods to solve the mysteries. You can’t really go wrong when an episode finishes with, “Come back in ten minutes. Wear a blindfold. The bloodstains will be ready, and the lesson can begin.”

What did you think? Who else is happy to see Clyde is still alive and well? Tune into Elementary Thursdays on CBS.

One Comment

  1. Jennifer Griffin

    April 7, 2013 at 2:36 pm

    Mrs Hudson!!!
    What a great introduction. (and trust Elementary to turn another character on her head) Hopefully we’ll see her around soon.

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