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SUITS Review: “No Refills” Saw Harvey on the Back Foot

By on July 9, 2015

Pictured: (l-r) Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter, Sarah Rafferty as Donna Paulsen, Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt -- (Photo by: Nigel Parry/USA Network)

By Lewis Richards

Wednesday night’s Suits episode “No Refills” kept us on our toes with a dramatic change in direction.

Just when it seemed Louis was using Jack as a tool in his personal war with Harvey, Jack emerged as the true threat, as Louis realises too much is at stake in his personal conflict and decides to concentrate on keeping Donna happy as his secretary.

Let’s recap.

Jessica warns Harvey that Jack’s influence is rising and Harvey would be smart to make an effort to sweeten their relationship. Harvey reluctantly accepts that Jessica is right and makes a genuine effort to schmooze jack with the gift of lunch and golf with (guest star) Charles Barkley, as suggested by Gretchen.

Jack throws the offer in Harvey’s face and and reaffirms his intention to go after Harvey’s money. Harvey, now preparing for all out war approaches his brother in arms Mike for backup before Gretchen again, proves that she is just as (if not more?) Donna, than Donna herself.

Louis tries to cement his relationship with Donna by showering her with gifts and friendship, but she correctly suspects that this is another manifestation of Louis’ fear that she will leave him, and gets Louis to admit that Harvey has threatened to “take” Donna away from him.

Jessica scolds Mike for taking the insurance case regardless of her orders to drop it. Mike, being the sharpest tool in the box knows Jessica won’t drop the case as it will show weakness, and points out that although Jessica says he isn’t Harvey, he has just navigated their debate in the most “Harvey” way possible. Jessica allows the newly formed Zane/Ross partnership to pursue the case, but not without first instructing Robert to treat Mike as a partner.

With the Zane/Ross partnership now in full swing, Mike and Robert visit their client who is cautious about signing with them until an emotional recollection of Mike’s past puts her fears to rest, and she decides to sign. Robert is impressed with Mike but the feeling is not at first mutual when Robert doesn’t follow Jessica’s instruction to treat Mike as a partner. A display of greatness from the always impressive Mike Ross leads to a usually-stubborn Robert Zane apology.

Meanwhile, Harvey and his newly loaded weapon of mass client stealing, has put a plan in place to fight fire with fire by going after Jack’s biggest client. Of course, Jack doesn’t take kindly to this, choosing to double down on his efforts to take Harvey’s money, in retaliation, and we for the first time just how ruthless Jack can really be when he blackmails Louis into helping him take Harvey down.

However, Harvey’s plan is shut down when he is unable to use his star power to get Charles to help him take Jack’s client. It just keeps getting worse for him when a furious Donna confronts him, causing another panic attack.

Harvey just manages to salvage his last scrap of composure to deal with Jack before dealing with his own anxiety.

“No refills” showed us that Harvey is still dealing with his Donna anxiety and that there is an intricate web of conflict and friendship being woven with Jessica holding each strand of the web together. Can Jessica mediate it all at the same time?

We can’t help but wonder if there still be three names on the walls of the Pearson Specter Litt reception when the dust settles?

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