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THE BLACKLIST: Romance and Revenge Are the Order of the Day in “Alistair Pitt”

By on February 5, 2016
The Blacklist: James Spader

Pictured: James Spader as Red Reddington -- (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

By Kai Greenwell

Last night’s episode saw The Blacklist meet Romeo and Juliet with Red warning the team of criminal fixer Alistair Pitt, who wants to merge two warring mob families through marriage.

Elsewhere, Tom worked around Reddington’s employment blockades by pulling a heist with an old conman associate. When he finds out just who they are robbing though, he is reluctant, citing him as having slaughtered the last two teams who attempted a similar move. Tom needs the money though, so they go through with the job, seemingly successfully.

Meanwhile Liz is worn down by the indirect disapproval of potential adopters and the direct disapproval of a mouthy DEA agent. Her struggle this week is simply weathering the storm as her infamy is yet to die down.

And finally, we learn that Reddington warned the team of the wedding as a means to flush out Alistair with whom he had a grudge that needed settling. Alistair Pitt had orchestrated a similar union that took a woman Red loved away from him. It gave her to an abusive husband who beat her almost to death, leaving her paralysed. Red got his vengeance, as he always does.

Comrade Rostova

Red’s scenes with Josephine were well done. It played well to the fact that we know Red always has an angle, and his ability to arrive anywhere when needed almost instantly hid the fact we were watching a flashback particularly well. It left us guessing how this woman fits in to his secret agenda right to the end. It brought to light another hint of Reddington’s past and explained why he is so blindly protective of Liz, treating her not unlike the delicate glass pieces he brought Josephine. Still, Red again overstepped boundaries by inviting himself into Liz’s apartment and is rather quickly pushing her away with his lack of thought and need to control.

Between the potential adopter’s attacking her character indirectly and a particularly abrasive DEA agent insulting her to her face, Liz has had a rough week. Her mutual exchange with Navabi shines light on her bleak situation though as a chance to reconnect with the team that she had to push away. With Aram’s recent efforts to bond with Cooper and mend fences with Ressler it seems that forgiveness and friendship are very much in the air.

Meanwhile, Tom’s chapters are always a pleasurable rarity. His heist this week was simple enough that it didn’t feel rushed or oversimplified to fit into his allocated 10 minutes, it was essentially a muted smash and grab. The dangling thread of how harshly their mark dealt with thieves in the past and Tom’s frankly abysmal history of fallout after jobs leaves the impression that perhaps we haven’t seen the last of his mark, or The Major for that matter.

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