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Top 5 Secret Circle Predictions For 2012

By on November 3, 2011

With just two episodes left before The Secret Circle takes a mid-season break until 2012 it’s anyone’s guess as to how the remaining episodes will play out next year. If you’ve been watching the show you’ll know that just about anything is possible. That said, we’re going out on a limb with some crazy Circle theories that may just get to see the light of day before the first season ends.


1. Cassie Will Explore Her Dark Side

We can see the first signs already with this one. Ethan may insist that Cassie is Amelia’s daughter but is he overlooking the fact she is also Blackwell’s – the man he described in the pilot episode as a bad man? Cassie’s abilities are growing stronger every day.  In Masked we saw her use her individual power to save Diana’s life even when it shouldn’t have been physically possible.  And with Jake around to nudge her in the wrong direction, we think good girl Cassie may be about to take a walk on the wild side.

Cassie taps into some dark magic in ‘Masked’


2. Adam Will Discover a Deeper Purpose (Beyond Being Boyfriend Material)

We’ve been hearing a lot about how Adam and Cassie are written in the stars and that it’s generally not a good idea to mess with fate.  But what if these warnings go deeper than romantic love? Suppose Adam’s purpose is to temper Cassie’s darker impulses? Without him she might be fated to repeat her father’s mistakes. As much as I really like Adam and Diana, I’m intrigued by the idea that the fates of the Blake and Conant families are interwoven in a manner which touches on something dark and powerful.


Adam in simpler times


3. A Parent Will Be Murdered

The CW is not averse to offing the older generation when the need calls for it so it wouldn’t be all that surprising to see either Charles, Ethan or Dawn sleeping with the Chance Harbor fishes by the end of the first season. Let’s assess each character’s current situation.

Ethan: I’ve mentioned before that I think Ethan is wasted in that back room of the bar in more ways than one. Ethan’s character has a lot of great potential that hasn’t come to the fore yet this season.  (We’re still hankering for that manly Charles/Ethan showdown.)  killing Ethan would be wasting an opportunity to do something far better with him instead. We trust the writers will make the best decision with this one.

Charles: Charles has been under Dawn’s thumb since day one, but Nick’s death brought about a change in his character. Beneath sees a darker, more confident Charles beginning to emerge. Unwilling to be used as a pawn, Charles is now calling the shots – and pocketing that crystal! We think Charles is finally going places. It would make no sense to end that journey prematurely.

Dawn: With Charles starting to emerge as the big bad we all heard about before the pilot aired, will Dawn become superfluous to requirements? Dawn has been the character with the hidden agenda and all the answers we’re not fully privy to this season, but as much as we may love the idea of a power struggle between these two, outcomes usually involve a single winner.


Charles, Ethan and Dawn


4. Jake Will Die

Live by the sword, die by the sword. We all want to like Jake and his plunging V-neck. Caught up with the sinister Isaac and his crew of Witch Hunters, Jake has it all wrong about a lot of things. But let’s face it, the guy has done some jaw-droppingly bad things and he’s only been on the show for two episodes.  Cold blooded murders generally don’t go unpunished on TV, and it’s kind of easy to imagine Jake repenting, turning on his witch-hunting buddies and paying the ultimate price for his betrayal.  If Jake does die it may leave room for number 4 below to happen.


Jake Armstrong: Playing with fire?



5. Nick Will Return

When we last spoke to actor Louis Hunter about Nick, he told ScreenSpy in no uncertain terms that Nick was very much dead at this point in time.  Then he threw us into a tail-spin by saying “Even though he is definitely and well and truly six feet under by now there is a possibility that within the next two seasons, three seasons, maybe even this season that he could come back.” Of course, no one really knows what the writers may have in store for us in 2012 but the fact Nick is continually referenced on the show may be an indicator we’re not supposed to forget about him just yet.

Louis Hunter as Nick Armstrong


  1. Anonymous

    November 3, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    Time to comment!

    These are some pretty good predictions! But, there’s actually 13 more episodes to go when the show returns on January 5th next year, as it’s ending on the 9th episode next week.

    I actually don’t see Jake dying. He’s the last of the Armstrong family and the circle is made up of the six families. Sure, he’s a bad guy now, but that doesn’t mean he can’t or won’t be saved later on. I see him as the Damon of this series. Plus, I really like his character.

    I hope none of the parents die! I do hope they take more use of Ethan, but I don’t want any of them to die [yet]. I especially wouldn’t like to see Charles Meade die. He’s too good of a character on this show.

    I LOVE your first and second prediction. Using Adam as a way for Cassie to stay to her good side will be not only a good plot twist, but also amp up the love triangle between him, Diana, and Cassie. So, I hope this prediction comes true!

    I don’t think Nick will return…this season. I definitely think he’ll be back in the show for some time in a later season, but just not yet.

    Can’t wait to catch the new episode tonight though! That exclusive clip with Dawn and Charles’s scene was intense!

  2. Stephan fan

    November 11, 2011 at 5:17 am

    I want Jake & Cassie together !! I dont want Cassie with Adam. Cassie and Jake forever!!!!

  3. Spacecadet

    November 11, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    Interesting predictions. Not sure I agree with Jake dying but I’d love to see the return of nick, and having them both could create an interesting power struggle. But not sure we can have both brothers around at the same time, a circle is 6.

    So after the midseason finale, another question arises, who else has the blackwell gene? I think adam and dianna are out because we know who their fathers are and we know cassie’s dad was the last of the blackwell’s before her, so who is the other. Maybe faye? she’s always harping on wanting solo power could be foreshadowing. And we know thanks to cassie’s grandmother and her messed up memory that faye’s mom used to be involved with blackwell…. could be interesting.

    At any rate excited to see where the back half of the season takes us 🙂

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