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Top 5 Suspicious Moments From Revenge’s ‘Suspicion’

By on November 26, 2011

Image © ABC

They say what goes around comes around, and on Revenge just about everything comes back to bite someone on the ass in some way. It’s one of the reasons I love this show. From Nolan’s first solo take down to Declan’s pursuit of financial independence, we know we haven’t heard the last of it. Never was this more true than in this week’s episode, juicily entitled Suspicion.

Suspicion was bursting with … well deeply suspicious behaviors we’re certain will inevitably come back to bite deep – so much so that we’ve taken notes. And pictures! Here’s our top 5 moments from this week’s episode, otherwise known as the ‘You’re so going to pay for that later’ list.


1. Victoria Forces Conrad From Their House

Frank’s death has been somewhat of a catalyst for Victoria, giving her the courage to finally stand up to Conrad. (I’d be mad if I lost a perfectly good Frank too.) Deeply suspicious that he may be implicated in (or maybe even directly responsible for) the death of their former security man, Victoria has all but banned Conrad from their house. This may not be the smartest move for Victoria however. There’s just so much of Frank left lying around – cell phones, wallets etc. that it’s impossible to know just who is ultimately going to take the fall for his death. Until the chips fall, Victoria may do better to realize that the enemy of her unseen enemy is her friend. At least for now.


Conrad holds his cards close to the chest. Image © ABC


2. Lydia Turns to Conrad For Help

Lydia is clearly terrified of Victoria. And I can’t blame her. Practically imprisoned in the Grayson’s mansion and fed a cocktail of sleeping pills and pretty horrible looking soup, the poor woman couldn’t even call for takeout because Victoria confiscated her phone. What’s a girl to do? Ask her lover for help of course! Suspicion saw Conrad step in and remove Lydia from the house.

So Lydia is now finally out of Victoria’s clutches, but why do I get the feeling we’re looking at a frying pan/fire type situation here? Conrad is possibly the show’s most ruthless and self-serving character after all. I think Lydia may have truly been safer where she was.


Lydia: Killed with kindness, and really bad soup. Image © ABC


3. Emily Pushes Nolan At Tyler

Oh Ems! What were you thinking pushing the lonely, curious, sexually-adaptable billionaire at the gay, cash-strapped hustler?

Now Nolan’s first solo take down has taken off in an entirely unexpected direction. (I love it!) Sent to find some evidence with which to discredit Tyler with the Graysons, Nolan has allowed himself to be seduced by Tyler instead. Whose side is Nolan on now? What happened with the whole ‘take down’ thing? And what will Emily do when she finds out?

We spoke to Gabriel Mann, the man behind Nolan Ross and straight up asked him. “I think there may be something coming that she might get very angry about,” he teased in a recent Chevron One interview. “She’s definitely going to have some reaction to that. There a couple of major shockers coming up.

I’ll bet.


One man and his hooker. Aww. Image © ABC


4. Declan Takes the Money

Oh Declan! I don’t know where to begin with this one. The guy’s just become that guy. Ok, so he didn’t actually break up with Charlotte, but he took the money. Declan may have felt like he won this first round against Victoria, but in the long run he’s looking more and more like a loser. There’s just no way back to credibility with the Grayson family now, and if he ever wants to be accepted by them at some future point in time, he’s just made things a whole lot more complicated for himself.


This is just a gratuitous picture of a half-naked man. Image © ABC


5. Jack Has Anything Remotely to do With Fauxmanda

“If it makes you feel any better, we’re on the same boat,” said bar-tending-porch-swing-mending Jack to Fauxmanda this week. And what boat would that be, Jack? The one with the clingy psychopath on it?  Because that may be a ship you don’t want to sail.

Looks like poor Jack’s sailing straight for choppy waters again, despite a weather warning from Nolan. (Cloudy with a Chance of Bludgeoning?) Thinking that Fauxmanda is the Real Amanda, Jack’s ready to let his childhood crush blossom into romance. Except it’s with the wrong woman. He even brought her to take a look at the porch swing. Now that must be love.


Jack lands an unexpected fish. It's enough to make a man mix his fishing metaphors. Image © ABC

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