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Trust Becomes a Commodity in SUITS’ “Privilege”

By on July 31, 2015

Pictured: (l-r) Christina Cole as Dr. Paula Agard, Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter -- (Photo by: Shane Mahood/USA Network)

By Lewis Richards

This episode picks up right where we left off by recapping Harvey’s explosive therapy session with Dr. Agard, which ended with Harvey storming out, claiming himself and Agard are done.

Back in the moment, Jessica approaches Louis and asks him to help get Jack on team Pearson Specter Litt by not inflaming their relationship any further in classic Louis style. Louis gives Jessica his word, but before he can take another breath, Mike enters the office with the news that he has had a call from Dominic Barone of McKernon Motors (formerly Harvey’s client). Mike takes a cautious approach, fully aware that Louis, under normal circumstances, wouldn’t be able to get past the fact that he wasn’t the first point of contact. Louis puts on a brave face and swallows his pride for less than a minute before revealing his true colors to Donna. She tells him what he needs to hear to approach the case maturely.

Harvey enters the office ready to “drop the hammer” but is intercepted by Gretchen who tells him Sam Tull is waiting in the conference room. Harvey, who is reminded he threatened to kick Tull’s ass the last time the two met, heads to the conference room ready for a fight. After a brief exchange of words, Sam reveals he actually comes in peace and needs Harvey’s help. Harvey accepts but threatens to beat the shit out of Tull if he is lying about his innocence. Best. Lawyer. Ever.

Pictured: Gabriel Mact as Harvey Specter -- (Photo by: Shane Mahood/USA Network)

Pictured: Gabriel Mact as Harvey Specter — (Photo by: Shane Mahood/USA Network)

Mike asks for Donna’s help with booking Rachel’s dream wedding venue, a fresh looking Donna seems to have her “Donna” back and happily obliges.

Harvey is still running around town all guns blazing as he hits Paul Gilroy with a hefty counter claim of 30 million dollars for malicious prosecution based on his lawsuit against Tull. He puts Gilroy on the spot and threatens that he can write a small check and take the fine on the chin, or a much larger check, which will be harder to swallow. Harvey resents the ultimatum and leaves.

Louis lets his shiny new persona slip in the meeting with Barone. In a mismanaged attempt to maintain superiority in the room, Louis admits his fault but maintains his point and splits the time consuming due diligence with Mike in order to check that the deal has no rough edges.

Later Louis and Mike both discover a hitch in Barone’s deal. However, ‘Magic’ Mike Ross doesn’t bring problems to the table, he brings solutions. The solution, this time requires Jack Soloff to sign off on the sale of one of his clients. Louis is put in a difficult position and decides it is best if Mike approaches Soloff with the deal. Is Louis finally LISTENING to Queen Jessica?

Pictured: Sarah Rafferty as Donna Paulsen -- (Photo by: Shane Mahood/USA Network)

Pictured: Sarah Rafferty as Donna Paulsen — (Photo by: Shane Mahood/USA Network)

Donna uses all of her intuition (and name drops Michael Jordan) to gain information, as she quickly notices getting the venue of the wedding on Rachel’s birthday is going to be harder than perhaps she anticipated. Mike catches her making copies of the brochure and calls her out on her failure to secure the date. Donna puts on an act and reassures Mike she has the situation under control.

The tension swiftly rises as Donna and Gretchen come face to face for the first time, a moment we’ve all been waiting for. ITS A DONNA-OFF. Donna becomes defensive as Gretchen reads her seamlessly and continues the assault by reminding Donna who has more experience. Gretchen gets the last word and impresses Donna with a lethal weapon quote. And that’s the round.

During the first deposition with his client, Harvey finds out Sam was in therapy with none other than Agard herself, who is apparently going to be asked testify, as she is under employment of the company. Harvey turns the blazing guns on Agard and demands she gets out of testifying or lies. Harvey questions her trust and storms out.

Pictured: Christina Cole as Dr. Paula Argard -- (Photo by: Shane Mahood/USA Network)

Pictured: Christina Cole as Dr. Paula Argard — (Photo by: Shane Mahood/USA Network)

The seemingly psychic Jack Soloff already knows that Louis and Mike need him to sign off on the Tanaka (his client) sale. Mike gives Soloff the hearty offer of 50% but a bitter Soloff pushes and refuses to sign off for less than 100% commission of the acquisition deal.

After bringing the news of Soloff’s demands, the newly-wise Louis tells Mike to go ahead with the deal in attempt to build trust with Soloff and in turn, Jessica. Mike takes the deal back to Soloff and sets up the meeting with Tanaka.

Despite Mike’s doubts Louis’ efforts to embrace Tanaka’s Japanese heritage for their meeting pay off, leaving Mike speechless.

Meanwhile, Donna goes above and beyond in her efforts to secure the venue as she blackmails the husband of the couple due to wed on Rachel’s birthday with some newly acquired ammunition. Donna’s execution of the threat is masterful.

Agard reluctantly turns up at Pearson Specter Litt to testify. After throwing her patient under the bus, Harvey produces yet another blazing gun and without flinching, proceeds to brutally discredit Agard with the story of her patient’s suicide. But what can we say? Harvey Specter always gets the win.

Mike and Louis share a touching moment and acknowledge they are a great team, only to be fired by Barone seconds later as Tanaka pull out of the deal. I wonder why Tanaka would pull out after being so impressed by Louis? Smells like Soloff.

Louis and Mike confront Soloff who admits that he was the reason Tanaka pulled out of the deal. Louis is firm and points out Soloff’s loss of business. Soloff reiterates his intentions are purely to get even. Mike and Louis have no choice but to take this to the Queen.

Pictured: John Pyper-Ferguson as Jack Soloff -- (Photo by: Shane Mahood/USA Network)

Pictured: John Pyper-Ferguson as Jack Soloff — (Photo by: Shane Mahood/USA Network)

Sam Tull gets arrested as the SCC “intervene.” After a conversation with Gilroy, who denies contacting them, Harvey steps up his game and doubles the damage claim against him.

Rachel meanwhile devises a plan in aid of the claim against Gilroy, which forces Harvey to approach Agard. Harvey refuses. Rachel puts Harvey on the spot about his panic attacks and therapy as Harvey tries to make a quick escape down the elevator. However Rachel lets Harvey hear some home truths before letting him go.

Harvey, apparently taking on board what Rachel had to say, bites the bullet and goes to Agard for transcripts of other traders that underwent therapy. During the argument they both realize they are fighting for the same cause in Sam.

Gretchen and Donna reconcile as Donna accepts that Gretchen is Harvey’s secretary and that she has moved on. Move aside #Darvey there is a beautiful friendship blossoming in #Gonna!

Harvey, bites another bullet and admits it’s time to discuss his mother with Agard. Is this the beginning of a new chapter in Harvey’s life? Finally getting to the root of all his issues?

Jessica confronts Soloff and he immediately bites back. Jessica warns Jack against proceeding down the path of challenging her. Does Soloff have the cojones to attempt an assault against the Queen? Is Jessica right about Hardman’s involvement?

Suits continues Wednesdays on USA Network.

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