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TV REVIEW: Chicago PD’s Antonio Gets an “Assignment of the Year” From Hell

By on November 20, 2014

Pictured: (l-r) Sophia Bush as Erin Lindsay, Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

After the epic crossover event of last week, how could Chicago PD possibly follow up with anything that would even slightly satisfy? The gritty cop drama does more than satisfy with a tight storyline, an interesting bad guy (who’s a girl), and a “not tied in a neat little bow” ending.

“Assignment of the Year” is Antonio Dawson centric, but lets the entire team shine in a way only the best of an ensemble series can. Voight is in tough daddy bear mode, Olinsky demonstrates how far he’ll go to save one of his own, Erin and Jay sacrifice themselves at a sex club, and Roman steps up to the ivory tower of the Intelligence Unit.


Don’t Quit Your Day Job, Antonio

This one opens showing Antonio on the phone with Laura who tells him it’s over. She wants a divorce and wants it now. If that’s not enough to deal with, Dawson’s got Asher, the rich ash-hole who Antonio has his part time security job with, being high maintenance along with his overly friendly wife. Antonio runs into a store to grab a quick pack of smokes for bossman but when he returns, the boss is dead with a gunshot wound to the head and a stash of diamonds missing. Yeah, I’m thinking that security detail is off now, Antonio. Worst security man ever. Oh, and Antonio knows it.

The cops question Antonio like he’s got something to hide. Dead diamond dealer and an off duty cop. What doesn’t make sense?


Catch Me if You Can

Security cameras show that a man in a hoodie approached the car when Antonio went into the store. Dawson’s not quite off the hook because he was fraternizing with a known felon, a definite no-no if you’re a cop. He’s in deep, could lose his job and his pension. Our team’s got two days to sort it all out.

Suspect number one? Asher’s not so loving wife, Layla. She shows up at CPD looking less than upset and randomly tells Antonio about some other man she had sex with. “Just some guy we hooked up with. One of many.” Antonio feels the need to say, “I’m not a pervert.” Good to know.

He goes on to ask, “You don’t seem too broken up about Asher’s death. Did you have anything to do about your husband’s murder?” Does anyone ever just say, “Yeah, I did it”? Case over.

“If you had anything to do with this, I’m gonna nail you,” Dawson adds. Unfortunate choice of words Antonio. She perked up considerably after hearing that, saying, “I’d expect nothing less.”

So the chase is on to find some evidence pointing to the newly single, not weeping widow, Layla.


Pictured: (l-r) Jon Seda as Antonio Dawson, India De Beaufort as Layla -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Pictured: (l-r) Jon Seda as Antonio Dawson, India De Beaufort as Layla — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

The Team Comes Together

Dawson’s ticked off at Officer Roman who set up the part time security job. The young officer says he didn’t know Asher was a felon. Antonio tells Roman he’s going plain clothes in this one to help bust the murderer. You got me into this mess, you can help get me out.

Anyone else feel like Intelligence lets anyone in on their operation, at least for a few days? I think I may be called from the bench.

Ruzek’s confused again in this episode watching Olinsky tap away on a typewriter. “What the hell’s that?” Alvin explains the ancient device adding that he’s bailing Antonio out. “There are ways to rewrite history.”

Voight and Roman have a little stare down. Hank sarcastically says good job with the side security business. Roman doesn’t back down, adding he’s got it under control. “Clearly,” Voight deadpans.

Dawson and Roman question a jewelry store owner who first locks himself into a panic room. They take care of the door real quick with a tow truck and a chain. The owner says it was a man who came in looking to move Asher’s stolen diamonds. They still suspect the wife knowing she must’ve gotten someone to do her dirty work.

Meanwhile, there’s a sex club Asher and Layla frequented; that seems like a good place to get some leads. Voight assigns Erin and Jay to go in undercover as a couple.

“Whatever we gotta do to come across convincing, I’m good with,” Halstead offers up.

“How noble,” Lindsay laughs. Oh, Linstead is happening, sooner rather than later.

The couple rolls in looking more GQ than PD. They’re searching for Terry. The bartender says Terry hadn’t been coming around, but he’ll fill in. Erin is ready to go play. The three head to the back and bartender offers for Jay to “tag in.” Jay muscles him and bartender guy finds the name of the jeweler who Terry went to with the stolen diamonds.

Burgess is on Layla stalking duty and loses her. Atwater helps her get back on the trail but they both lose her.

Antonio and Roman show up at the meet between Terry and the jeweler hoping this will lead to a Layla bust. Bad guy spots the two cops, opening fire. He is one bad shot unloading about a million rounds (maybe) and missing. They bust Terry taking him to the station for an Antonio interrogation. Dawson lets it slip that black widow Layla switched out the diamonds for fake ones. Tough guy isn’t so tough and starts crying. They need solid evidence that Layla was involved, not just his word. He whines that it was all her idea but doesn’t have any proof.


A Kinder, Gentler Platt

Sergeant Platt continues turning over a new, positive leaf. She tells Olinsky she’s heard he’s got a living situation problem. She turns him onto a new program offering great deals on houses when a cop moves into a less than desirable area. Trudy taking care of one of her own. Sorry, Mouch from Chicago Fire, but I can totally see Plolinsky going down.

Next example of Platt positivity comes when she tells Roman, “Nice job today” at the end of this one. Wait, what happened to the snarky Trudy we all loved? We need a return to the one-liners that made Platt a PD favorite.


Pictured: Jon Seda as Antonio Dawson -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Pictured: Jon Seda as Antonio Dawson — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Final Notes

The task force guy is back to ask Lindsay about the job offer he came up with a few weeks ago, is it a yes or a no? He says, “May I make an observation. You’re loyal to Voight, that’s admirable. You’re gaining a reputation as Voight’s girl.”

“I should be so lucky,” answers Erin.

He needs to know by next Friday. This one definitely has the feel of a no. First, you insult Voight, then you tack on a decision deadline. Also, does anyone think Erin would break up the team? No way.

Now, back to the rewriting history thing Alvin mentioned at the beginning of “Assignment of the Year.” Voight lets the brass know that Antonio’s been working undercover on Asher the past nine months. They have all the freshly typed records (thanks Alvin) to back it up. Roman’s security company was also used as a front. They definitely know how to take care of their own and that’s such a huge part of the success of the show. We know these cops will stop at nothing to save their own, taking a page from shows of the past with their unwavering loyalty and love toward each other. We love it.

Teary-eyed Antonio tells the two old guys, “Thank you.”

Layla shows up at the station to talk to Antonio. She says she’s leaving for Florida in three hours but hands him cell phone records showing there’s been no contact between her and Terry. She also cut him a check for his security services the other night. “Chicago winters, not for me,” Layla tells him before leaving. Did someone just get away with murder?

The little twist in this one was that they didn’t get their guy, or rather girl. That is a new one. These cops always bust the bad guy; they’re that good. Not this time, and it’s okay. It adds another layer of realism to an already realistic crime drama. So what did you think about all the Antonio drama? Did you like the Roman/Dawson pairing? And what’s with the Laura hate toward Antonio? Most importantly, has anyone ever looked better in a fancy pants dress than Erin Lindsay headin’ to the sex club?

Looks like we’re going to have to wait three long weeks for the next installment of Chicago PD. What will we do without our favorite cops taking a bite out of crime and busting skulls? Guess we’ll have to take our own bite … of turkey and bust into a few cans of cranberry sauce while we wait for our favorite Chicago show to return stuffed and ready for action.

Chicago PD airs Wednesdays on NBC at 10 pm.

One Comment

  1. Mickey

    November 20, 2014 at 11:15 pm

    “Oh, Linstead is happening, sooner rather than later.” They are terrible teases with Linstead, they have to put out soon! At least let us get to first base or something! 😀

    My favorite part is the sex-club scene–loved how Jesse played Jay’s discomfort. “Play time. For my girl. But don’t touch my girl! And don’t touch me either! OMG do you see what they’re doing over there?!?” And I loved how Erin was all cool and “let me handle this.” And the expression on her face before Jay even said “Whatever we have to do to make it convincing.” She could see him coming from a mile away!

    I knew I was going to love the Plolinsky scene before I even saw it. She is the Queen of Giving Crap and he is the King of Not Taking Any Crap. And she was doing the “good deed” for a 2 percent cut, so I don’t think Snarky Trudy is going all soft on us. And how badass is Olinsky that he can make sitting in a room with a typewriter seem badass?

    I love this show so much precisely because it is all around badass. Back up taking too long to get there? Take the bad guy out with just you and your champion boxing skills. Can’t get a warrant for the sex club? Go in as undercover swingers and rough up the bartender in a backroom. Guy locks himself in a panic room? Get a tow truck and some chains.

    The bad guy who turned out to be a girl was a great villainess. I hope she comes back later for her comeuppance.

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