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TV REVIEW: Grey’s Anatomy Brings Back Some Old Feelings in “One Flight Down”

By on April 17, 2015


We were expecting a night of where the heck is Derek in “One Flight Down” but instead got an hour of freak outs, bad memories of that plane crash, and sweet, crazy unexpected love. Does Grey’s ever deliver the predictable? Nah, and tonight was no exception. Derek was put on the backburner as another plane crash (yes, again) affects our favorite docs, this time in a more indirect way.


Not Another One!

This one opens with Webber driving to work, jammin’ to his tunes, at a stoplight, and almost getting plowed into by an AIRPLANE! Oh, only on Grey’s. So this offering is not taking the life (thankfully) of any of our originals, but it is bringing back those bad plane crash memories that killed Lexie and eventually Mark, took Arizona’s leg, and messed with Derek’s hand.

Stephanie and Jo are so, so excited. They’re thinking of all those bone crushing injuries, the trauma… it’s a field day for the pair. Meredith and Arizona are obviously not feeling the same, both freaking out about this second time around, both reliving parts of that tragic day. They end up in a supply closet with Arizona insisting, “It’s not us … we’re okay.” They sit down, assuring each other that they are okay. They are definitely not okay.


A Magical, Unicorn First Date

In the midst of the plane crash aftermath, Grey’s gives us a story of love at first sight, silly Princess Bride love that gives us all hope that a happily ever after is possible. Weaving tragedy, trauma, hope, humor and love together so expertly, Grey’s Anatomy makes us take it all for granted. Just another episode of laughs, tears, and heartfelt moments with these characters we love. It’s only when we watch one of the newbies, a hospital pilot or another medical drama on another network, that we realize how special this oldie is.

Back to that magical, unicorn love … Kate, an injured woman who was on the plane, is brought in gushing about her date. Turns out she was on the plane in one of those exotic first date adventures. The pilot was the lucky guy. Or maybe the unlucky guy considering he crashed the plane and is now seriously injured.

Sam, the pilot, feels the same way about the woman he just met saying, “That’s the girl I’m going to marry.” He crashes during surgery but Maggie comes in for the save using glue (yes, glue) to put the guy together. Sam survives, so now we’ll have our happily ever after, right?

Not so fast, Kate suddenly doesn’t remember anything about their rainbow-filled first date, not even the plane crash!

Stephanie makes it her personal mission to get Kate to remember. She feels like there is no hope for love it these two don’t end up together, no hope for love for her. Amelia is furious with her matchmaking memory triggering antics and threatens to fire her when she wheels Kate into Sam’s room.

Those usually cruel Grey’s writers take pity on us tonight and give us the happy ending we desire. Kate remembers! She can remember eating sandwiches on his plane, remembers it all. Aw, there is a chance at love.



(ABC/Mitchell Haaseth)

By the Way, Derek’s Still Missing

We continue with the Derek missing mystery throughout “One Flight Down” but more as a side note than front burner storyline. Meredith is ready to freak out with the plane crash bringing back those bad memories, but add an MIA Derek and you’ve got the recipe for an epic breakdown.

She flashes back to various sweet conversations with Derek in bed, cute little singlets that show us how perfect their post it note love is. We see them banter about her snoring with Derek, saying she sounds like a “loud, gargling bird on a train.” Aw, the cuteness. Later we see them talking babies, as in having ANOTHER baby. Double aw.

Bailey gives Meredith the permission to go full panic mode at 5:00, so until then it’s stay calm and go about saving lives. At 5:00, she can have that breakdown. Meredith sticks to the timetable and at 5:00 we’re given a few Derek crumbs. More on that later.


Karev’s Sweet Side

Who would have ever imagined Alex Karev as the girl in the relationship, but tonight he shows his softer side and makes us all fall a little more in love with him (if that’s even possible). Alex is concerned about Meredith and Arizona, looking to Callie to offer some support, “We should look out for them today.” Torres says sorry, but no. She can’t be that person anymore. Anyone else find this a little harsh? After all, Arizona warned Callie about a psycho online date a couple weeks ago, you’d think Torres could return the favor and just check up on the woman she loved for so long. Nope. They are sticking to the whole no Calzona end game story right now.

Alex checks on Arizona himself and jumps in to help in any way he can. Karev hovers over Arizona, offering to assist her in the OR. She lets him have it, telling him to get out. All that hovering is not helping, just ticking her off. She insists that she’s fine.

Later, Arizona says she’s sorry and Alex admits the hovering was to make him feel better. He reveals that he was the one who cut off her leg. Callie was in surgery so he had to do it. Arizona’s shocked but glad he told her.

Now it’s off to confront Callie. Why the heck didn’t you tell me? She says that ultimately she made the call. She didn’t make the cut, but she ordered it. Callie says she didn’t want Arizona to hate Alex too. She knew Robbins would need him as her person. Am I crazy to think that this is a little nugget of caring that could lead to a reunited Calzona? Let me dream, people.



(ABC/Mitchell Haaseth)

Amelia and Owen Struggles

Amelia and Owen are sticking to the breaking up before things really got rolling mode. Amelia says this crazy little thing called us is not going to work. Mixing the whole play with work is not happening; she’s got nothing more to give. He says, “I’m done… I’ve had enough,” feeling mighty insulted at being described as “play.”

The pair go at it all night long, arguing about the smallest things, their relationship woes affecting their jobs.

The Kate and Sam happy ending pushes Amelia to try to talk to Owen. Perhaps she can now envision her own happily ever after? Owen’s not having or hearing it. He tells her it’s not all about her. He confesses that guilt is driving his bad mood. He was the one who put all the docs on that doomed plane. It was all his fault. “There was a plane crash,” he says all teary eyed. Amelia holds his hand trying to comfort him. “I won’t survive another plane crash, Amelia. And that’s all we are.” She lets go of his hand and leaves. So that’s the end of their story? It’s finished before it really ever started? Maybe she’s just a little fender bender, Owen. Give the mixed up Shepherd a chance!


Some Derek Clues

5:00 rolls around and Meredith is now waiting for some Derek news at home. Nothing. She picks up the phone, but before she dials, the police roll up to her house. What the heck happened to Derek? Is he dead? The panic in her eyes is mirrored by the panic in ours. Fade to black and we have to wait another week for some Derek answers.

Well, we were offered a little sigh of relief moment seeing that promo for the next episode. It looks like Derek had to strike his sister’s super hero pose and save a family involved in a horrific car wreck. He seems fine, saving lives and taking names, but then why are those police paying Meredith a visit?

“One Flight Down” was a fast paced, emotionally packed (as usual) Grey’s offering. It brought back some bad memories of lost loved ones (RIP Mark & Lexie) and opened the possibility of a new tragedy involving Derek. It showed us that love is possible unless your name is Owen Hunt. So what did you think of tonight’s episode? And more importantly, did “One Flight Down” hint at a big Derek tragedy where we’ll be left one character down after next week?


Random Notes

It was hilarious how Maggie and Webber made the plane crash all about them for a hot minute.

Maggie complains about her own flight from hell, being trapped on the tarmac for four hours. She does not have a clue about the tragic Grey’s plane crash. The look on her face is priceless when April sits her down and tells her about the crash and all its repercussions.

Webber tells his barely escaping death by plane story over and over, each time the fish getting bigger and bigger. April finally confronts him saying she’s heard him tell his story six different times and the next time it’s going to end with him dying. He defends himself saying it was a near death experience and it made him realize how much he has … Catherine, this hospital. He says he’s taking stock of what he has and is feeling pretty grateful.

Unrelated, but who the heck watched Scandal tonight? Jaaaaake! Oh Shonda, this makes us even more worried for Derek next week.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.

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