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TV REVIEW: The Season Finale of Under the Dome Makes Us Want to “Go Now”

By on September 24, 2014

Image © CBS

This summer’s final episode of Under the Dome left us with more questions than answers … in typical Dome fashion. “Go Now” was the Big Jim show. Our big, bad baldie was at the top of his game, showing us some evil that even had the Dome quaking.

Last week put an end to Lyle, put an almost end to Pauline, and sunk Melanie down a dark, deep crater. Tonight’s installment started up right where the Dome left us.


Let’s Go Spelunking

Junior wants to go into the crater after Melanie, but Barbie says, “We’ve gotta do it right.” Like with snacks?

Big Jim comes stumbling over carrying Pauline who’s barely hanging on, blood coming out of her mouth and pouring from her Lyle-induced stab wound.

Sam with his super duper EMT skills is doing everything he can to save Sis. He confesses that he thinks she’s going to die; she’s bleeding out. Junior says they have to get mom back to the crater, because … well, just because. Sam doesn’t agree, “If we move her it will only accelerate the bleeding.”

The Dome walls are now contracting horizontally and vertically. “Everything’s going haywire,” says Captain Obvious aka Joe. Huge Zeus-like lightning bolts start zapping around, even bug-zapping Tom (random citizen) in front of his screaming kid.

Joe and Norrie are arguing with Norrie freaking out (more than usual). Joe decides it’s time to man up (as much as he can), tie a rope around himself, and head down the dark hole of doom. Luckily, he remembers to tie one end of the rope to a tree.

The crazy kids all make it down the crater that leads to a massive network of caves, seemingly on the verge of collapsing. Lines of pink neon start appearing on the cave floor and walls with more dirt pouring in. The kids barely make it out alive and Barbie is not happy with their spelunking. “Don’t be pissed we couldn’t wait,” yells Norrie. Who doesn’t love that girl.

Barbie says the time between the Dome contractions is closing in. We all know what that means. Perhaps the Dome is going to have another egg baby. Maybe they can keep it away from Big Jim this time and actually pass Home Etc.

The Dome is also bringing on some bad weather of Biblical proportions (again). A storm is brewing. Barbie calls Julia to gather everyone up to meet at the crater. It’s gotta be the way out. Right?


Image © CBS

Image © CBS

Pauline Takes One for the Dome

Junior comforts mom who asks for her art supplies. Rebecca says, “That sounded like a goodbye” as she watches Junior rush off to retrieve a canvas and some paints. Pauline admits she’s dying. “Big Jim won’t let me go.” She wants science teacher’s “help.” To end it all?

Pauline is getting worse but Rebecca says “hold on.” Pauline insists, “This is what the Dome wants. I pay for my sins. I’ll be able to sleep without dreaming.” Pauline says she’s in so much pain. Rebecca eyes the morphine, perhaps ready to administer a fatal dose?

Torrents of rain pour down as the residents load onto school buses on a trek to the crater. Suddenly the skies clear. That’s weird. Big Jim rushes in with a life saving bag of saline he found. Sam and Jimbo reach Pauline’s side in time to see her die. Jim is so sweet with her we almost don’t recognize him. “Take care of Junior. I love you all,” Pauline is gone and Jimbo cries. He spies the morphine in Rebecca’s hand who admits what she did. Big Jim turns back to evil real quick. Sam separates the two, but when his back is turned, Jim cold cocks him. He goes at Rebecca with a hammer … killing her in slo-mo.

Sam wakes up and tells Junior what happened. “I’m so sorry, Junior.”  Sorry your mom’s dead? Dad’s a killer? He could be leveled with one old-guy punch?

A dead end? Image © CBS

A dead end? Image © CBS


It’s A No Deal with the Dome

Sam wants to find Big Jim and talk him down. Junior says there’s no talking, just dealing with him. That may the smartest thing you’ve ever said baby James.

Jim has taken Pauline’s body back to her studio and starts demolishing her canvasses. He’s ready to make a Dome deal. “Bring her back right now, and I won’t murder every single one of your special little friends.” Big Bad Big Jim is back!  It’s about time.

He burns the studio down with Pauline inside. The look on Jim’s face says some Dome favorites better run for the hills, or the crater, or just for their lives.

Barbie is speaking to the townspeople telling them to go down that deep, dark hole. “If we stay here, we die. Now c’mon. Let’s get outta here!” They do it.


Image © CBS

Image © CBS

Target #1 – Julia

As the townspeople make their way through the caverns, a cave-in looks imminent. Andrea (random citizen) calls Julia saying she needs help. Come now!

Julia shows up and, of course, Big Jim is a waitin.’ Julia’s bat is no match for Jim’s gun. He coldly kills Andrea by shooting her. “She was your friend,” says Julia. “I know. That’s why I killed her quick. You don’t get that privilege.” Jim you’re really scaring us now. We love it!

Jim’s wielding his trusty hammer again, but Julia will not go down without a fight. She stabs Jim through the shoe and takes off.

Jim limp-chases her but Sam and Junior show up for the save. Junior’s gotta gun pointed right at dad, and shoots him in the shoulder.


The Maze Runners

Julia rejoins loverboy in the caves and they slowly make their way through the darkness. Junior frantically runs through the woods trying to make it to the crater before those Dome walls close in.

Barbie and Julie reach a big drop off and our duo has to make a jump. Barbie goes first, what a gentleman, but Julia says she can’t make it. She urges him to go on “for the good of the town.” He does. What?

Junior barely makes it into the crater with Big Jim limping slowly after him.

The townspeople reach a fork in the caves, but which way to go? Norrie points one way saying the butterfly was down there. Barbie wisely takes her advice, or he’s just afraid to defy her (we get it). They see a swarm of glowing bat butterflies, which has got to be a good sign. Not so fast Dome believers. They reach a dead end.

Norrie feels our frustrations and starts screaming and banging on the rock blocking their way. Barbie dramatically heads to the blockage and sees a huge butterfly floating around. He touches a rock, causing it to glow and break apart.

Melanie is facing them now, basking in a bright light, all wet, and purrs, “Follow me. We’re going home.” That’s it? Really? You’re leaving us with Jim stuck up top, Julia and Junior trapped in the cave, and everyone else relying on help from a dead wet girl? Yes, Domers, they are leaving us with that cliffy cavehanger.

So, what did you think? Satisfying ending or are you ready to tell this CBS show to “Go Now?”

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