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TV REVIEW: Supernatural’s “Meta Fiction” Gives Viewers Some Fan Service

By on April 16, 2014

Pictured: Misha Collins as Castiel -- Credit: Cate Cameron/The CW

Nowadays the internet has created its own lingo when it comes to pop culture and television in general.  From “shipping” to “OTP” to “fan service,” these terms are meant to give the community of a show, movie, or a book a way to connect with the stories being told.  Tuesday’s Supernatural, aptly titled “Meta Fiction,” gave the viewers a bit of a fan service.

We opened with Metatron breaking the proverbial wall and speaking directly to the audience about story.  This was his story to tell tonight and we were his audience.  It was okay, though, as the angel nemesis was about to give us all many things we talk about daily on the internet.

The first of many fan serviced scenes involved Dean showering, naked.  He and Sam were still trying to track down Abaddon with no luck.  Over on Castiel’s end (yep, that’s right, everyone’s favorite angel in a trench coat was back this week!), he had come across a recent angel massacre.  The massacre had left one spared angel and a strange mark on the wall.  Castiel, confused as ever, enlisted Sam and Dean to help him out.

The trio learned there had been several mass angel murders all around Utah.  The brothers decided splitting up would be the best course of action, sending Castiel to one town while they headed to another.  It turned out Cas was not alone as a fan favorite was hiding in plain sight in Casa Erotica 14.  What other angel could plant himself strategically into a porno movie but Gabriel.  Yes, Gabriel was alive, or so we thought.  He confessed to Castiel that he had faked his death, hid in heaven, and when all the angels were expelled he had used the last of his “juice” to get back into porn.  Which didn’t sound right coming out.  Nor did that.

It was all a clever ploy, though.  Gabriel wasn’t actually there (or was he?).  Metatron had set up the hallucination for Castiel so he had time to get his hands on him and tie him up to a chair to listen to his blabbering about joining him, screwing over the angels, and getting back to heaven.  Castiel didn’t flinch; he would never join Metatron. Metatron didn’t put up much of a fight as he would have Castiel take center stage as the villain of his story one way or another.  As a gift Metatron imparted onto him the knowledge of every book, movie, and television show he had consumed, giving the trench-coated angel the ability to finally understand all those witty pop culture references his favorite Winchesters were always spouting.

Jensen Ackles as Dean -- Credit: Cate Cameron/The CW

Jensen Ackles as Dean — Credit: Cate Cameron/The CW

Speaking of the Winchesters, the brothers had finally tracked down and trapped Gadreel.  The duo confronted him, but were unable to gather any valuable information.  Sam and Dean exchanged Gadreel for Castiel, but not before trying to trap Metatron.  Their ploy was futile as Metatron knew exactly what the brothers had been planning.  He was writing the story now after all.

Finally reunited, Castiel expressed his concerns over Deans Mark of Cain, but Dean assured Cas that he was doing just fine.  The brothers were off to continue their hunt for Abaddon and Castiel was left to call to his angel followers who had expressed their allegiances a few episodes earlier. All the pieces were falling right into Metatron’s story.

“Meta Fiction” joined in line with “Changing Channels” and “The French Mistake.”  These episodes steered themselves into a direction that catered to its viewers.  This week’s installment didn’t apologize for the direction of this season, but aimed to defend it.  It worked to an extent, giving fans moments that will sure to become gifs on Tumblr and hashtags on Twitter.

Metatron claimed to know the ending to his story, but was honest about curveballs being thrown his way, including the Winchesters trapping Gadreel.  This little tidbit of information is sure to come into play later down the road as I’m sure the brothers and Castiel will find a way to finally defeat the villains of this season’s story.

With Castiel’s stolen grace burning low and the Winchesters hell-bent, literally, on finding Abaddon, this week finally kicked the plot into the right direction, reminding viewers what the point of this season is.

Is Gabriel really dead? When Castiel asked him he just kind of shrugged, leaving fans excited for another possible return.  Whatever happened to Chuck Shurley?  Metatron was definitely channeling the lost prophet of the Winchester gospels and the last we saw of the author he had just vanished into thin air.  Can Castiel be the one to be seen taking a shower next?

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