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TV REVIEW: The Originals “When the Levee Breaks”

By on April 21, 2015

Joseph Morgan as Klaus | Image © CW Network

By Erin Resnick

If Monday night’s episode of The Originals “When the Levee Breaks,” didn’t leave you sobbing, throwing objects at walls, or screaming in the direction of a television or computer screen then congratulations, you have no soul. This week’s latest victim shook the show to its core, igniting what’s sure to be an epic showdown come the finale. The exit was heartbreaking and infuriating, bringing an end to one of televisions best relationships.

With Dahlia wreaking havoc in New Orleans, no one was safe from her madness. Starting the episode body hoping into a now deceased Josephine, Dahlia made her intentions clear: Hope was rightfully hers and nothing would stand in her way. She even had the audacity to visit Hayley, Hope cradled in the hybrid’s arms, and demanded she hand over the child. Deals were deals and who cared how many years had past or that Esther was now dead? Dahlia even tried convincing Hayley that life with her was a pleasant stroll, that Freya was just being dramatic.

Meanwhile, Freya was mourning the death of her father by collecting rocks while the rest of the Mikaelsons chose the liquor route. Freya was still hurt that Klaus refused to trust her, appealing to Rebekah to finally pick a side. At the same time, Klaus was making the same speech to Elijah; it was either Freya or “always and forever.” Lines were drawn, but the battle to defeat Dahlia was front and center no matter the side.

Cami returned to act as the resident therapist, igniting feelings in Klaus that weren’t usually spoken about. She had guts to sit face-to-face with someone so dangerous, as Hope’s life hung in the balance, but Cami’s courage and ability to spark emotions in even the most mischievous of characters is what continues to make her so likeable and integral to New Orleans.

The night’s biggest flutter of the heart was Josh and Aiden’s declaration of love for each other. Tired of the shenanigans of the French Quarter, the two promised to run away together to escape the danger, only needing each other as a pack. Looming plans were the nails in the coffin; it was all too good to be true. As the two parted ways to say their final goodbyes, Dahlia caught up with an all too excited Aiden. She knew what Aiden’s death would mean for everyone and acted with no regret, tearing Aiden’s heart from his chest without the blink of an eye.


Tragically, Josh and Davina discovered Aiden; an agonizing scene unfolded as Josh broke down over the body of the love of his life. Aiden’s death was meant to shake our characters to the core and remind the viewers that in a world of supernatural creatures, no one is ever safe. The message was successful but heartbreaking, nonetheless. Watching Josh and Aiden’s relationship flourish this season has been a treat. Each character became increasingly likable, their bond strengthening the individual characters’ assets.

Although Dahlia was the culprit in Aiden’s death, Hayley, Jackson and the wolves immediately blamed Klaus and his recklessness. Believing himself to be nothing more than a villain no matter what he did, Klaus took the blame, not defending himself against the accusations. The wolves were ready to pounce, to face off against Klaus, but Elijah sided with his brother, putting an end to their threats before any bloodshed. While Cami confronted Klaus, learning the truth that no one else knew or would believe, Elijah shared a tense moment with Hayley where they discussed how to keep Hope safe and the love they had for the child.

Davina’s grief for both Kol and Aiden drove her to seek help from Marcel. She had been holding onto the dagger that could put down Klaus and it was now time to utilize the weapon.

Elijah had been wondering where Mikael’s ashes had disappeared to, Klaus dismissing his concerns as he vigorously painted his latest masterpiece. Elijah finally caught on that the ashes were in the paint, a way for Klaus to hide his actions, but the brothers came to blows as Elijah revealed that he had sent Hayley and Jackson off to keep Hope safe. Enraged, Klaus and Elijah began to tussle, but Elijah won out as he stabbed Klaus in the heart with Davina’s dagger, finally getting to show Klaus what sibling betrayal had felt like so many times before.


Things we need to discuss:

– Aiden’s death is absolutely devastating. Not only was he a great character that had experienced growth in the form of leadership, his chemistry with Josh was undeniable. To see such a groundbreaking relationship end is a blow to the show.

– How long will Klaus stay daggered? No doubt he will have a fury in him like never before when he does wake, but his anger will be hypocritical since he has performed the action so many times on Elijah and Rebekah for actions far less egregious.

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