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TV REVIEW: True Blood “Love is to Die”

By on August 19, 2014
Alexander Skarsgård as Eric Northman

Alexander Skarsgård as Eric Northman. Image © HBO

We’ve got one more week left, True Blood fans.  In the midst of this season’s chaos, the penultimate episode of our favorite summer vampire show took a second to slow down, choosing to focus on the relationships over high-stakes action.

The problem with focusing on the deeper relationships of the characters is it’s just a little too late and not every pairing was given justice.  Instead of our usual full detailed recap, I’ve opted to discuss the pairings focused on Sunday’s episode, “Love is to Die.”  Oh, and we will also talk about that sex scene.

Bill/Sookie – Picking up right where last week left off, Bill was still sitting on his high horse, refusing to drink from Sarah/Newme.  For some reason Bill came to the conclusion that dying would free Sookie to lead a fairy, I mean fairly, normal life.  Bill didn’t care that Sookie didn’t feel the same way; he was going to die with dignity in his own terrible way.  Bill has been irredeemable since becoming that weird vampire God and Sookie’s desire to flee right back into his arms feels contrived.  Let Bill die, at least so we don’t have to suffer through anymore of his lamenting and one-note human flashbacks.

Jessica/Hoyt – If you thought that TB would end with Jessica and Jason finally cementing their feelings for each other, think again.  Hoyt’s reentrance into Bon Temps has flared up Jessica’s feelings for the innocent human and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.  In fact, this week’s episode pretty much solidified Jessica and Hoyt’s endgame.  Even though Hoyt couldn’t remember his original relationship with Jessica, he’s known deep down their connection is like no other.  I don’t feel either way towards the pair, although I did love them together in the blossoming of their first relationship.  I was so ready for Jessica and Jason this season that Hoyt had never even crossed my mind as a contender once again.

Jason/Bridget – Hoyt’s Alaskan girlfriend, Bridget, was still hanging around Louisiana, begging for the first plane back to Anchorage.  Her only friend happened to be a very eager Jason.  Bridget was now single and very nice to look at.  Bridget, though, wasn’t so interested, as getting dumped by her serious boyfriend in a strange place was still weighing on her mind.  Bridget helped Jason to understand that men and women can be together without having sex and a real bond can form with clothing on. A little too convenient if you ask me.

Eric/Ginger – If there was a sex scene years in the making, it was Eric and Ginger.  Eric’s newly found ‘what-the-hell’ attitude and a very eager Ginger made for one hell of a sex scene we never knew we needed.  Though the interaction was awkward, weird, and just plain short, Ginger seemed to have experienced the best five seconds of her life as she straddled Eric on the Fangtasia throne.  Lucky.

But not all of our favorite Bon Temps couples took a front seat this week as the show seriously lacked in its two best relationships this season, Lafayette and James, who are now official and officially have not had enough screen time, and Arlene and Keith, who seem to be just as happy as the others, even though the two have yet to consummate the relationship outside of their dreams.  These two couples are filled with excellent chemistry that deserved the shows full attention.

Oh yeah, and Sam left town. Bye.

With only one episode left I’m flummoxed to say I can’t predict how it will all end.  All I do know is that next week will be bittersweet but I’m ready to say goodbye.

Quick Thoughts:

  • Do you care that Sam left?
  • Do you wish Pam would do your hair next?

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