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What Goes Around is Coming Around on ABC’s Revenge

By on February 16, 2012

Image copyright ABC Television Network.

If we remember on the very first episode, we saw a quote from Confuscius that read:

“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”

So far, two graves are full.  One grave for Frank, the Grayson Director of Security and one grave for Tyler, the mentally insane college buddy.  Now that the Hamptons will need a cemetery, we will watch Victoria learn a hard lesson in her little drama called life.

If we remember from the early episodes, it was Victoria who supposedly loved David Clark, and it was Victoria who lied and betrayed him, causing him to be convicted of a crime he didn’t commit.   Because of Victoria, Emily watched as her dad was wrongfully arrested on charges of terrorism and sentenced to a life in prison.  Emily’s dad had to pay for the Grayson’s hideous crimes.

In the Bible, it is referred to as “sowing and reaping”.  In other words, you reap what you sow.  In Buddhist philosophy, it’s referred to as Karma.  Tonight on Episode 1.15 entitled “Chaos”, we witnessed a foreshadowing of the future, a  “what goes around comes around” life lesson.  In watching scenes from the next episode 1.16, we will see Victoria reap the bad seeds that she has sown in watching her son Daniel be arrested for a crime he may not have committed, and that is, the murder of Tyler.

Josh Bowman as Daniel Grayson and Emily Van Camp as Emily Thorne. Image copyright ABC Television Network

Tonight was a very interesting episode.  During the Fire and Ice engagement party, there were characters constantly unaccounted for or characters who were in one place one minute and somewhere else the next.  Nolan the Mysterious certainly amused us with his little hidden sea animals that record a person’s every move.

Poor ‘ole Jack.  One minute he’s on a mission trip to Haiti and the next minute he’s kissing an old (missing) flame….the next minute he has blood on his hands…….the next minute he’s moving a dead body on the beach.  Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time! (I think I would sell the bar and move to Mayberry!)

At least Emily got the box back in her possession, thanks to Kioshi Takeda, or as they’re calling him on the ABC discussion board, “Mr. Japanese” or “Mr. Japan”.  His righteous move seemed well-intentioned until we saw him picking up hitchhiker Fauxmanda on the side of the road.  Okay, that one kinda threw things off balance for a minute.  There was a lot of moving around tonight and switching back and forth.  I almost got a case of vertigo trying to keep up with everyone’s whereabouts.  However, here is what I think happened (I think)………

I’m thinking that either Fauxmanda or Mr. Takeda possibly killed Tyler, even though I think it’s more of a possibility that Fauxmanda pulled the trigger.  Mr. Takeda, being a martial artist, would probably not shoot someone in the back.  That is not the style of a true martial artist.  Watch the old Steven Seagal and Chuck Norris movies because both actors are genuinely trained in the martial arts.  I think that Mr. Takeda probably assisted Fauxmanda in the escape, but to repay Emily for her generosity, I believe Fauxmanda pulled the trigger after she realized that Emily saddled Tyler with Frank’s murder.

A little nostalgia:  More reasons I think Fauxmanda pulled the trigger…..  Let’s us not forget that Nolan cannot shoot a gun.  Remember the shooting range?  Let us not forget that it was actually Jack who tackled Tyler in the first showdown on the beach.  Daniel was a little lame in his attempt.  Let us not forget what Fauxmanda did to Frank.

One more little foreshadowing clue that we possibly saw on the beach.  When Victoria turned over the body and saw that it was Tyler, Ashley gasped and fell into Nolan’s arms.  Remember when Nolan was cut on the arm before Tyler pulled a gun on everyone at Daniel’s birthday party?  After that dramatic scene when Tyler was arrested, Nolan and Ashley walked off arm in arm.  It may actually work, she’s an opportunist; he’s rich, quite stylish, and has a good sense of humor.  She would never have to call Tech Support if her laptop crashed. 

Nolan and Ashley (center) Image copyright ABC Television Network

Another huge foreshadowing clue was the business card that Victoria picked up in Conrad’s office which read “U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission”. (uh-oh)  We can see where that is going.  That is certain to take bad behavior to a new level.  After all, Victoria is just plain mad and upset.  She married Conrad for money and prestige.  She actually loved David Clarke and was forced by Conrad to betray him.  She didn’t want to betray David, but did so anyway.  Next, she finds out that Charlotte is David’s daughter.  Awhile back, she finds out that Conrad is having an affair with her best friend Lydia.  So, there you go.    As they say down South, “things are gonna get real ugly before this roadshow is over!”

One more thing to note is the fact that ABC’s writers are now exposing Emily’s weaknesses, such as leaving the gun in the trunk while dealing with Tyler.  She left herself open for what happened with Fauxmanda.  Or, could it be that the slippery slope of revenge finally snowballs into a scenario that is completely out of control?  Whatever happens, we do know that in the next few weeks, we will see the following concept unfold…….. “What goes around comes around”.  

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