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Grimm Season Three Episode Guide

By on April 1, 2014

Pictured: (l-r) David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin -- (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Episode 3.22 – ‘Blond Ambition’

Rosalee and Monroe will finally make a life long commitment as their big day has finally arrived.

Things between Juliette and Nick may not be all butterflies and bouquets though when a realization shakes Juliette and Nick’s relationship to its core.

Meanwhile, Adalind’s plan will lead to a catastrophic event.


Episode 3.21 – ‘The Inheritance’

Nick and Hank investigate a double homicide, and quickly learn the victims were from a special section of the Verrat tasked with finding rare objects pertaining to the Wesen world.

Trubel gets involved with a mysterious father-and-son tandem that crossed the country in a desperate attempt to deliver invaluable cargo to “the Portland Grimm.”

Meanwhile, Captain Renard begins to grow suspicious of Adalind’s recent behavior and quietly decides to put extra eyes on her.

Episode 3.20 ‘My Fair Wesen’

Nick and Hank take Trubel on a ride along in an attempt to educate her on how best to handle the world she is learning about for the first time. When they find themselves investigating the homicide of a young woman, the crime strikes a chord for Trubel.

Meanwhile, Adalind  makes a discovery that she hopes will lead her to regain something she has lost.


Episode 3.19 – ‘Nobody Knows the Trubel I’ve Seen’

Nick and Hank investigate a dangerous female suspect (guest star Jacqueline Toboni) leaving a trail of Wesen in her wake. Elsewhere, Adalind takes measures into her own hands, even if that means forging a dangerous alliance. B



Episode 3.18 – ‘The Law of Sacrifice’

Nick and his mom, Kelly Burkhardt join forces in order to protect Adalind’s baby.

Meanwhile, Prince Viktor (guest star Alexis Denisof) activates a deadly asset (guest star C. Thomas Howell) to find Adalind and her child.


Episode 3.17 – ‘Synchronicity’

Things are kicked into high gear when an unexpected ally in the form of Nick’s mysterious Grimm Mom, (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio), arrives to ensure Adalind and the baby make it out of Europe safely.

Meanwhile, back in Portland, as Monroe and Rosalee prepare for their upcoming wedding, Nick and Juliette are reminded of their own failed proposal.


Episode 3.16 – ‘The Show Must Go On’

Nick and Hank investigate a Wesen carnival that has arrived in Portland. However, the carnival’s acts are not what they appear, and the detectives venture into the ring after a double homicide points to something sinister behind the scenes. Rosalee and Monroe are there to help as both go undercover to help piece the case together.

Sam Witwer (Being Human) guest stars as Maximilian, a tortured soul serves  as the carnival’s main attraction.


Episode 3.15 – ‘Once We Were Gods’

Nick and Hank are thrown into the midst of an ancient battle but the situation escalates when the Wesen Council decides to get involved. As things heat up in Europe, one of the Resistance’s most trusted allies gets compromised when he tries to protect Adalind.


Episode 3.14 – ‘Mommy Dearest’

A young expectant couple who are close friends of Sgt. Wu find themselves in danger when a horrible new predator (even by Grimm standards) makes them its next target. As the investigation escalates,  Nick and Hank must figure out how much to reveal to Wu.

Meanwhile Adalind prepares for a “special delivery” while her enemies are hot on her trail.


Episode 3.13 – ‘Revelation’

The search for a scalp collecting serial killer continues as Nick finds himself turning to Juliette for help. Meanwhile, things escalate for Monroe at home as he fights to convince his parents to embrace the life choices he’s made.


Episode 3.12 – ‘The Wild Hunt’

Nick and Hank investigate a cop killer who scalps his victims. Juliette begins to communicate with Nick’s mom via email, while Adalind finds herself much closer to delivering her baby.

Meanwhile Monroe’s parents decide to surprise him and Rosalee with an early arrival to Portland.


Episode 3.11 – ‘The Good Soldier’

Monroe accompanies Rosalee on a long overdue reunion with her mother and sister. Meanwhile, Hank and Nick hold down the fort in Portland as they investigate a series of murders of Veterans, which appear to be revenge killings regarding a horrifying cover-up involving members of the army and military contractors.

And in Europe, Adalind sees hints of what she thinks might be her powers returning.


Episode 3.10 – ‘Eyes of the Beholder’

Nick and Hank  investigate a gang related homicide, but as always, all is not as it seems and the pair quickly find themselves caught up in a case that involves not just the local community, but Zuri (guest star Sharon Leal), Hank’s physical therapist, and her brother too.

Meanwhile, Juliette seeks advice from Rosalee in dealing with the news that her friend is Wesen.


Episode 3.09 – ‘Red Menace’

Nick and Hank investigate a Wesen “healer” whose ability holds risks that far outweigh its rewards. Meanwhile, Juliette takes in a friend when domestic issues escalate and Hank makes a move on his physical therapist Zuri.

Elsewhere, Captain Renard finally tracks down Adalind and has a stern warning for her.


Episode 3.08 – ’12 Days of Krampus’

After a string of delinquent teens go missing, an old Wesen tale of an evil Santa who brings more than just a lump of coal may be the prime suspect. The investigation intensifies as Nick and Hank take things a little too far. Meanwhile, Monroe enlists Juliette to surprise Rosalee for their first Christmas together with unintended results. Elsewhere, Captain Renard’s tour of Europe brings him closer to tracking down Adalind.


Episode 3.07 – ‘Cold Blooded’

As a deadly crime spree begins to surface, a century-old urban legend takes shape in Portland’s sewers and becomes Nick’s latest case. In Europe, Adalind meets Prince Viktor who’s come to bring those responsible for his cousin Eric’s demise to justice. Meanwhile, Captain Renard responds to the recent attempt on his life.


Episode 3.06 – ‘Stories We Tell Our Young’

Nick and Hank investigate a case that combines religious phenomenon with the dark dealings of the Wesen Council. In short, all the signs of a young child’s illness point to demon possession.

Meanwhile, Rosalee is torn when Nick’s case challenges her Wesen loyalties.

Elsewhere, Captain Renard leaves town to tend to some “family matters.”


Episode 3.05 – ‘El Cucuy’

Nick and Hank are on the case as repeat instances of apparent vigilantism have whispers of an old Spanish legend making their way through a working-class Portland neighbourhood. Elsewhere, Juliette earns the truth about Nick’s mother.

Meanwhile, Adalind has a brief scare during her ultrasound.


Episode 3.04 – ‘One Night Stand’

Captain Renard makes a “startling realization” about the possible identities of the Royal Baby’s parents. The love troubles are set to continue as Nick and Hank investigate a drowning death with mysterious marks on the victim’s ankles, when they happen upon a group of water-bound Wesen with a deadly postcoital cuddle.

Meanwhile, Rosalee starts unpacking her things at Monroe’s.


Episode 3.03 –  “A Dish Best Served Cold”

A series of disturbing crime scenes leading Nick and Hank to the resurrection of an old feud – one that’s all too familiar for Nick and Monroe. Meanwhile, with the news of a royal family member’s demise, several key players start to make their move, and despite his recent trauma, Nick finds himself healthier than normal!

Meanwhile, in the Spice Shop Monroe and Rosalee talk about moving their relationship forward.


Episode 3.02 – ‘PTZD’

The manhunt for Nick escalating as Monroe, Hank, Rosalee and Juliette track down a manic Nick. Armed with a cure, they struggle to find Nick and reverse what’s been done to him before he causes any more damage – or injures the innocent.

Meanwhile, Captain Renard does his best to clean up the zombie fallout on all fronts – domestic and international. And, the more time Adalind spends with Stefania, the more disturbing things seem to get in her quest to regain her Hexenbiest abilities.


Episode 3.01 – ‘The Ungrateful Dead’

The episode finds a panicked Juliette, Monroe and Rosalee enlisting Hank’s help in fending off a zombie hoard while trying to figure out what happened to Nick. Knowing the truth, Captain Renard takes measures to help rescue Nick from the clutches of his brother, Eric (guest star James Frain). Elsewhere, along with the help of the mysterious Stefania, Adalind finds herself facing her most gruesome task yet in her effort to regain her Hexenbiest abilities.


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