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HTGAWM Reveals Annalise’s Shooter in “What Did We Do?”

By on November 20, 2015

(ABC/Mitchell Haaseth) VIOLA DAVIS

By Chelsea A. Hensley

How to Get Away With Murder was a crazy show before this winter finale. Every episode seems to have another body turning up, it looks like everyone is going to end up killing everyone even indirectly, and no one’s hands are clean. In the show’s run there will likely be dozens of dead bodies. Who knows how many more this season alone will provide? But in a show with so much death, you’d think it would matter more, but it all just comes and goes. We never got to know Lila enough to really care about her dying (though she seemed like a nice girl), Sam was awful, Rebecca was boring, Judge Millstone was corrupt, and Sinclair was annoying and a little corrupt though I guess she had the right intentions.

HTGAWM is working with a huge cast, so not everyone can get equal treatment as characters, but the gaps in development show when you start killing people off. Wes’ reaction to Rebecca’s disappearance have made him this season’s most useless character, Judge Millstone’s death is equally boring and doesn’t even carry the shock factor of Rebecca’s, and Sinclair’s death is met with resounding glee from viewers, including myself. The show doesn’t attempt to even make her somewhat sympathetic. Not a single appearance has her being anything more than conniving, and when we first see her this episode she’s accusing Nate of doctoring Jessup’s file (which he did) and just for funsies, taunting him about Nia’s death. None of that is conducive to being sad to see Sinclair go.

That’s not the case with Annalise, whose shooter is finally revealed as she and the others scramble to cover up Sinclair’s death. Last week I predicted that either Asher or Wes would be Annalise’s shooter. While it was Wes who pulled the trigger, Asher wasn’t left out of HTGAWM’s murder games either.

Welcome to the Murder Club

Asher has officially given up his moral high ground status. It was weak to begin with, considering Trotter Lake, but now he’s pretty much sacrificed all right to ever look at anyone and call them a bad person ever again. Matt McGorry does great work with Asher, grieving for his father and torn to pieces when his mother blames him for it. Asher’s got way more going for him as a serious person than the privileged white dude who talks too much and still says nothing of substance.

This winter finale may have permanently sobered him, as I can’t imagine the former Asher returning anytime soon, when his father is dead, his mother has condemned him, and he runs Sinclair over with his car. This may at least change his status with the rest of the Keating Five, who may finally put his number in their phones now that everyone knows that everyone else is a murderer.

Asher being Sinclair’s killer makes more sense than anyone else considering their connection this season. After all of her blackmail, Sinclair finally goes too far when she reminds Asher that his dad was actually a bad guy (I never thought Sinclair and I would agree on something). However irritating Sinclair was, it’s not like Asher’s father was any better so it loses some points there. Regardless it’s just a relief we won’t have to deal with anymore of Sinclair’s sloppy but persistent attempts at ruining Annalise.

The glee at Sinclair’s death is confusing not because it exists but because I can’t tell if that was what HTGAWM wanted or if it was accidental, but there’s little reason to care about Sinclair’s death when she was so awful in life. HTGAWM will really reach new heights when it starts killing off people who are actually interesting, which would limit its choices to the main cast, though that seems like final season territory.

Annalise being the season’s victim in its flashforwards works because we know and care about her, but we’ve known about Sinclair’s death for a while, and though the show could have used her appearances to try to flesh her out as more than just a grating foil, it didn’t take the bait. Considering how murder is likely going to affect Asher in the future, wouldn’t it be better to care about the woman he killed?

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