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Agents of SHIELD Will Cross Over With Thor Movie

By on November 4, 2013
Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Tom Hiddleston as Loki. © 2013 - Marvel Studios

With one cameo appearance already under its belt, (Samuel L. Jackson) ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is set to continue to cross over into the Marvel universe, by picking up the story after the events of the latest Thor movie sequel, Thor: The Dark World.

A recent press episode synopsis for the the November 19th episode states: “In the aftermath of the events chronicled in the feature film Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World, Coulson and the Agents of SHIELD pick up the pieces – one of which threatens to destroy a member of the team.”

The episode, entitled “The Well” will be directed by Star Trek: The Next Generation alum Jonathan Frakes.

Noted guest stars include Peter MacNicol as Professor Elliot Randolph, Michael Graziadei as Jakob Nystrom, Erin Way as Petra Larsen, Toby Wilson as Neils, Alex Neustaedter as Maynard and Sylvia Brindis as Elena.

As yet, there has been no mention of Thor: The Dark World cameos mentioned for the episode, but we can live in hope of a Liam Hemsworth or Tom Hiddleston appearance.

Catch the official Thor movie trailer below. It opens November 8, if you’re in the USA, and right now, if you’re just about anywhere else.

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