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Elementary Season 2 Premiere to Take Place on Location in London

By on May 9, 2013

Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu in CBS' Elementary. Image © CBS

The finale has yet to play out on CBS’ Elementary, but the game is already afoot (sorry, couldn’t resist) to set the season 2 premiere in Sherlock Holmes’ historically accurate home of London, England.

The news came today in a press release from the Network, stating “CBS drama series ELEMENTARY, the #1 new network television series and global hit starring Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu, will film its second season premiere episode in London, with production starting in July. This will mark the first time the series has shot on location outside of New York.”

The Network also gave some clues as to the season premiere plot, revealing that the premiere episode would see Sherlock Holmes called to London to revisit an old case and in doing so, find himself forced to take a look at his own past. Watson too will learn more about Holmes’ mysterious past and the company he left behind for his new life in New York.

Executive Producer and Creator Robert Doherty spoke about the change of scene saying “We couldn’t be more excited to have this opportunity to see Sherlock’s old stomping grounds and take a closer look at a life that, until now, we’ve only been able to glimpse through the lens of his recovery. By meeting old friends and revisiting prior cases, Watson will gain even more insight into Holmes. She’ll have to keep up with a Sherlock who is both more comfortable in his surroundings and even bolder in testing the limits of those around him.”

Meanwhile, a two hour season one finale is set for Thursday, May 16 (9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


One Comment

  1. Catherine Cabanela

    May 10, 2013 at 2:57 am

    CanNOT wait for the maiden finale of this fantastic show! And then … wait for it … they are heading to Sherlock’s old STOMPING GROUNDS?! This should be very interesting … while making possible a diverse collection of new material for the Sherlock/Watson dynamic throughout Season 2.

    While we Americans love seeing ‘ourselves’ on television all over the place … we never get enough of the British humor, the fantastic colloquialisms, and the dashing accents. Yummy.

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