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Matt Barr on Sleepy Hollow’s Roguish & Charming Hawley

By on October 21, 2014

Matt Barr as Nick Hawley. Co. CR: Brownie Harris/FOX

Sleepy Hollow continues to bring a seamless blend of supernatural drama and trademark humor to FOX on Monday nights. Recent cast addition Matt Barr sat down with ScreenSpy this week to talk about his character Nick Hawley, a charming but roguish treasure hunter who has recently been awakened to the true nature of the seemingly benign town of Sleepy Hollow.

Will Hawley help or hinder Team Witness this season? Will his past with Jenny and his flirting with Abbie create a hollow love triangle, or will his budding bromance with Ichabod prove this season’s most compelling relationship?

Read on for full highlights from our call.

How is Hawley’s relationship with Abbie and Ichabod likely to proceed over episodes to come?

Hawley realizes that in his efforts to take care of himself, he needs Ichabod and Abbie for his own self-preservation so, ironically, it’s even selfish of him that he realizes in order to survive the apocalypse he might have to join the Scooby Doo gang in order to survive. I think he knows that he needs them as much as they might need him. In that experience, he might bond a little bit with these guys.


How alike are Hawley and Jenny? 

Hawley’s six degrees of separation is that he does have a history with Jenny and I think they obviously come from the same salt. They understand each other, and I think that creates a vulnerability for Hawley because he recognizes that in her, and it also scares him so I think that’s why he keeps his distance with Jenny. Again, there’s that curiosity and there’s that intoxication; the chemistry that you can’t deny. He’s not going anywhere as of now.


Does Nick have motives beyond his plainly stated monetary agenda? 

I think Hawley is driven by the drug of it; the thrill of the ride. It’s about, I think, the great mystery of what’s beyond the next horizon. Even if the apocalypse is upon him here at Sleepy Hollow, he’s game.

He wants to be on the front lines of that experience. He definitely doesn’t want to be on a bench. I would say, wherever the action’s happening, he wants to be there.

But like any loaner, eventually you get to a point where you invest in something more meaningful. I think Hawley’s probably always searched for that family. I don’t want to give too much away, but he didn’t have that growing up so I think he’s potentially found that with Ichabod and Abbie and Jenny and the whole gang. When you find that, you want to stick around and you invest in something.

Nick (guest star Matt Barr, L) and Abbie (Nicole Beharie, R) capture a demon in the "And The Abyss Gazes Back" episode of SLEEPY HOLLOW. Co. CR: Fred Norris/FOX

Nick (guest star Matt Barr, L) and Abbie (Nicole Beharie, R) capture a demon in the “And The Abyss Gazes Back” episode of SLEEPY HOLLOW. Co. CR: Fred Norris/FOX


Abbie challenges Nick. Is a relationship with her something he sees as worth pursuing?

Right, right. Abbie’s a very truthful person and like you said, she challenges Hawley, which is the most intoxicating thing for him because he wants to be stimulated, and he’s always on the search for the next great treasure. I think that there’s a mystery to Abbie that Hawley is really engaged by. Again, he does it for work and then in his personal life he’s always trying to find that next great mystery or whatever that treasure is. Abbie’s tough to crack. He keeps coming back, and whether he’s bold enough or stupid enough, he keeps coming back. There’s some chemistry there.


Can we expect a Bromance between Ichabod and Hawley any time soon, or will they remain adversaries over the course of the season?

Well, I hope that they’re always adversaries because that’s a fun dynamic. I think they will recognize that they serve each other and there’s a higher goal and that there’s something more important than themselves. I don’t want to give too much away, but we get to see a turn with Hawley; for a conventional loaner, he starts to find a bond with this group and especially with Crane.


How would you like Hawley to introduce Ichabod to the 21st Century?

There’s the episode that’s waiting to be written where Hawley takes Ichabod to Vegas and they go to a prize fight, and then they go to the craps table. What’s funny is that, through the episode I bet they find out that they really do love each other. They’re probably made for each other. They’re bros.

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