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Jones & Greenwood Tease “Hard Choices” Ahead on Sleepy Hollow

By on October 14, 2014

Orlando Jones and Lyndie Greenwood of FOX's Sleepy Hollow

Heads Up Sleepy Hollow fans. We have a couple of new video interviews for you from our series of roundtable interviews at Comic Con in New York last weekend.

First up? Orlando Jones and Lyndie Greenwood!

Jones discusses Captain Irving, who as we know has unwittingly just sold his soul to the Horseman of War.

What’s going to happen to our Cap next? Will he continue to suffer more visions of the Apocalypse? “It’s going to be a slow burn,” reveals Jones. “And rightly so. There’s a lot of eyes on him and he’s in a very difficult place. He’s in harm’s way.”

In fact, Irving, just like Ichabod, will find himself torn between duties to his family, and his “disciple” calling as part of Team Witness. It’s that struggle that will lie at the heart of his problems this season.

Catch Jones’ take on his predicament below.

Meanwhile, Lyndie Greenwood teases that Abbie and Jenny’s most recent disagreement over their mother and Captain Reyes will help shed new light on their mother’s past. “It’s an insane story,” the actress teases. “I think people are going to enjoy it.”

“They’ve tried so hard to come back into each other’s lives. Jenny has all these trust issues, but they’re constantly being hit with these challenges of the Apocalypse,” she laughs. “It’s really cool to see when trying to work their relationship out in this setting.”

“These characters are going to be pushed into making choices they never thought they’d have to make,” teases show writer/producer M. Raven Metzner.

Catch our full interview clips below.

Sleepy Hollow continues Mondays on FOX.

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