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SLEEPY HOLLOW: Lyndie Greenwood and Zach Appelman Talk Season 3

By on October 15, 2015

Lyndie Greenwood and Zach Appelman |CR: Bonnie Biess/FOX

Sleepy Hollow continues to infuse its third season with fresh touches that have fans talking in positive tones about a new direction and sense of purpose. New villains, a new closeness between Abbie and Crane, an expanded role for Lyndie Greenwood’s Jenny Mills and the return of fan favorite Zach Appelman as Joe Corbin might just be enough to secure a fourth season for the formerly troubled show.

The gang were in attendance again this year at New York Comic Con, where ScreenSpy had the opportunity to sit down with fan favorites Lyndie and Zach to discuss what’s on the cards for their characters this year, and how their expanded roles will shape the course of the season ahead.

“I think Joe is interested very much in carrying on his father’s work,” said Appelman of Joe’s direction this season. “After turning into a Wendigo it’s hard to pretend the supernatural doesn’t exist. It’s hard to go back to civilian life and get a job, and move on. He feels that now that he knows, he very much wants to be a part of it. At the beginning of the season we’ve see him working on a way to see how he can contribute to Crane and Jenny and Abbie’s fight, and see what he has to offer, and whether or not he can be a part of that. He wants to, for his father’s sake, and for their sake and for the humanity’s sake.”

When asked what particular skill-set Joe might bring to Team Witness this season, Appelman was quick to quip “rugged good looks,” to the amusement of those in attendance at our press table.

However it’s clear the writing team has far-reaching plans for his character. “I think the fact that he was a marine for four years helps,” said Appelman. “He has a lot of combat experience. He’s also somebody who can be there for Jenny, and I think we’ll see a lot of their journey together as partners. Jenny’s often been on her own in the group. Abbie and Crane have had each other, and Jenny’s had a little bit of that relationship, but not a lot. And this season she has a partner which is nice. It allows us to explore a lot more of her story which is something I want to see and I know is something the fans want to see too.”

This sentiment was echoed by Lyndie Greenwood. “It’s always good to look into backstory. I find that stuff really satisfying. And there’s a lot of that for Jenny Mills this year. But it’s very organic. It’s not at all forced. It comes about really naturally.”

“They are good friends, and their relationship develops from there,” the actress commented of Jenny and Joe’s burgeoning partnership. “I love the relationship between Jenny and Joe. From an actor’s perspective, last year I was disappointed that I didn’t get to do that much stuff, and this year it’s the opposite. I think this year is really good for Jenny Mills and Joe Corbin is part of that. It’s just a really organic way of bringing out more of her story.”

But Jenny is not the only character about to receive the backstory treatment. “Very much what we’ll be doing this season is digging deeper into what my father was doing [in helping the Mills sisters], and why he got involved and what repercussions that will have,” previewed Appelman. “We will definitely learn a lot more about the Corbin backstory. In doing so, it will bring out a lot of information about Abbie and Jenny too.”

This season Ichabod, Jenny and Joe kicked off their story arcs as people adrift without purpose. The premiere famously saw Jenny and Crane (Tom Mison) bonding over not fitting in, together. Now that Joe is present, and his connection to Jenny is about to shed more light on the Mills’ sisters past, are those misfit bonding days over? Not so, says Greenwood.

“This season there’s a lot more bonding in general,” the actress revealed. “It’s not just Abbie and Crane, it’s not just Joe and Jenny. There are more scenes with everybody which is really just nice. I think it really grounds us as characters. You learn a lot more about people when you have them interact with each other.”

Commenting on Joe’s relationship with Crane, Appelman previewed that although the two had little interaction last season “This season you will get to see them interact. And that’s started to happen more and more which Tom [Mison] and I really like. We haven’t really gotten to see Ichabod have guy friends. They’re kind of an odd couple pairing – this military guy and this really posh British guy, but they really respect each other. They’re both soldiers. They both have a military background and they both love and care for these two women, and that’s something that instantly brings them together like family.”

Will we get to see Crane and Joe hanging out? “I’m still trying to picture Joe getting Crane hooked on Game of Thrones,” laughed Appelman. “I don’t think we’re quite there yet.”

Sleepy Hollow continues Thursdays on FOX.

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