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The Worst is Yet to Come: Joe Anderson & Leslie Hope Tease ‘The River’ Season Finale

By on March 19, 2012

Joe Anderson as Lincoln Cole and Leslie Hope as Tess Cole in ABC's The River. Image courtesy and copyright ABC.

The River season finale hits screens tomorrow night at 10/9c on ABC. In an episode entitled Row, Row Row your Boat’ the Magus crew finally comes face to face with a living breathing Emmet Cole only to have one of their own shot dead by an unknown killer. As events start to spiral out of control Jahel reaches out to the spirit of the Boíuna for help, but at what cost?

Today Chevron One sat down with Joe Anderson (Lincoln Cole) and Leslie Hope (Tess Cole) to tease out some details on the ‘demonic’ season finale and the fate of the crew of the Magus.

Chevron One: Joe, what can you tease about what’s in store for Lincoln, Tess and the rest of the Magus crew tomorrow night?

Joe Anderson:  Definitely Lincoln becomes somebody very very different. We see some major revelations – especially between Tess and Emmet and Clarke. Other than that, it’s a fairly demonic, scary, altered episode. That’s one way of putting it!

Leslie Hope: We also find out some pretty crazy information about Kurt, which I have to say, even on the page I found really surprising and a great twist.

Chevron One: Kurt has been a bit of an enigma to date. We’re never really privy to his agenda.

Leslie Hope: We’re about to find out!

Leslie Hope as Tess Cole in THE RIVER. Image courtesy and copyright ABC Television Network.

Chevron One: Leslie, Tess’ sole purpose up until this point has been to find Emmet. That’s been her driving motivation. Now that she’s finally found him, what sort of relationship dynamics are we going to see? Emmet has this very magnetic and charismatic personality. Is Tess going to find herself talked into traveling further up the Boíuna in search of answers, or will she insist on high-tailing it out of there?

Leslie Hope: It’s a good question. It’s absolutely been the definition of this woman’s character that at all costs she will try and find her husband. I think at some point she has wavered a little about whether he’s dead or alive, but now that she has him alive I think her sole focus is to keep her family together – which is to say her son and husband. And that desire will be deeply thwarted in our finale. Where we go from there, if we should be so lucky to have a season two, remains to be seen. I think, what we’re going to find, if we go to a second season is that the scares and the thriller aspect of the show morphs a little more into psychological terror and what secrets these characters are holding as opposed to a scare of the week. It will go down a little deeper into character development.

Chevron One: Joe, Lincoln started this trip as a man of science essentially, but he has seen so many things to date that have challenged all of his previous assertions. How will his experience change the nature of his relationship with his Dad?

Joe Anderson:  That’s an interesting one. I think there was a lack of understanding initially between Lincoln and his father. He didn’t get his Dad. I don’t think trudging around the Amazon aged 8 was something that Lincoln was particularly into – or something that he had a choice about. So there was some resentment through lack of understanding, but of course, as an adult, once he gets out there and starts to see things that shouldn’t make sense he realizes that maybe his Dad was on to something. There might be a rekindling of some sort of understanding and two-way communication. They definitely have a similar mindset. There’s burned bridges to rebuild but they’re two grown men now looking at the world through similar goggles. It will be interesting to see where it goes.

Chevron One: Is there any hope for Lincoln and Lena?

Leslie Hope: [Laughs]

Joe Anderson: There will be hope if they give us a minute! [Laughs] If we get five minutes to sneak round the back of the boat I’m sure we’ll get there!

Leslie Hope: A Jungle wedding! A Jungle wedding!

Joe Anderson: On the banks of the Boíuna!

Bruce Greenwood as Emmet Cole and Joe Anderson as Lincoln Cole in THE RIVER Season Finale Episode 'Row, Row Row your Boat' Photo: ABC/MARIO PEREZ. Image courtesy and copyright ABC Television Network.

Chevron One: Tess has been the undisputed leader. Will Emmet, even somewhat unintentionally, take that away from her?

Leslie Hope: The reality of shooting a show like this and the way it was shot was that we only had Bruce Greenwoood coming in once a week.  And when he came in for our last episode it was an interesting shift for me because until that point I really had been the bossy boots of the operation – eh Joe?

Joe Anderson: Yes. Oh yes. [Laughing]

Leslie Hope: [Laughing] I know right?

Joe Anderson: In a sincere way. With love!

Leslie Hope: Yes, but here comes Bruce Greenwood and he’s a whole lot of actor! Honestly I felt, both as an actor and as a character, mostly relief that I could let my guard down and let somebody else take over and not have to carry this burden of this quest by myself – driving all those people forward perhaps against their own intentions y’know? I think it will prove interesting and perhaps a source of conflict between the two of them. Like it would in any regular household right? My father was in the Military, and he’d go away for three months and come back home and all of a sudden he was going to say which way the fridge was going to be organized, you know? [laughs] So I think there’s going to be a little bit of that between Tess and Emmet on a purely domestic level let alone in terms of the bigger picture of what that crew is going to do in the Amazon.

Catch the season finale episode of The River Tuesday 10/9c on ABC and check out the official show page for clips, details and more at ABC.


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  2. starlady

    March 21, 2012 at 7:00 pm

    Great interview. Unfortunately I was very disappointed in the finale. Pet Cemetery meets The Exorcist. It should have been so scary but I found myself bored.The only cool thing was the River changing.

  3. Magpie

    March 22, 2012 at 11:34 am

    Super interview, chevron one!

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