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ONCE UPON A TIME: Exclusive Scoop on the 100th Episode

By on February 23, 2016
Once Upon a Time


It feels like an age since Hook broke our hearts (thanks Colin O’Donoghue!) by bravely sacrificing himself for Emma in Once Upon a Time’s Fall Finale, but the show finally returns to our screens on March 6th with some answers regarding our favorite pirate’s fate.

In “Souls of the Departed” Emma, Regina, Mary Margaret, David, Robin, Henry, and Mr Gold begin a new quest, as they venture into the Underworld to retrieve their fallen friend.

However, along the way they will encounter a series of past loves, past friends and past enemies, all with unfinished business that threatens and challenges our Storybrooke heroes in ways they could never have foreseen.

Meanwhile, Hades, the master of the Underworld, plots to be rid of the meddling newcomers any way he can.

We’ve seen the guest-star-studded 100th episode a little early and have a number of teasers for you. As always, despite our gushing enthusiasm, we’ve held back on major plot points and reveals that might otherwise ruin your enjoyment on the night.

However, as the saying that we’ve just made up goes: one man’s tiny teaser is another man’s giant flaming spoiler. This is the internet. And who are these ScreenSpy people anyway? Proceed with caution.

A Tearful Reunion

Unless your heart has been pulled from your chest and stored in a pretty box, the tears will be all yours.

The Spring premiere chooses to take the scenic route to the Underworld, first stopping off at memory lane with a visit from Neal (and before you ask, yes, the thorny subject of why Emma didn’t brave the Underworld for her first love is addressed with blunt honesty).

But it’s not all tearful I love yous. Neal has an important message for Emma before she begins her perilous mission to save Hook, and it’s “stop what you’re doing before it’s too late.”


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