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ONCE UPON A TIME SNEAK PEEKS (3): Hook’s Revenge Plans Take Shape in “Broken Heart”

By on November 27, 2015


Look out Crocodile! Someone’s coming for your skin.

Once Upon a Time’s November 29 installment will see Hook, now transformed into the Dark One, reigniting his lust for revenge against the man who took his wife, his ship and his hand centuries ago.

How maddening then that Hook’s mentor on this dark new path, just like Emma before him, is a re-imagining of Rumpelstiltskin himself.

ABC teases that the episode “Broken Heart” will see the fates of both Gold and Hook in jeopardy while Emma’s love faces the ultimate test as she tries to convince Hook to turn away from the darkness before she, Mary Margaret, David and Regina embark on a new mission as an unsuspected evil is released.

Meanwhile, in a Camelot flashback, when Emma and Hook disagree about their best course of action, the final pieces of the puzzle are revealed as events in Camelot catch up to the present and we witness a charged confrontation between the forces of light and dark that sends our heroes on a collision course with destiny.

The “Broken Heart” episode of Once Upon a Time airs Sunday November 29 on ABC.

Catch 2 sneak peek clips from the episode below.

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