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IMAGES: Revenge 4×21 “Aftermath”

By on April 10, 2015

(ABC/Richard Cartwright) NICK WECHSLER

Revenge fans, we’ve got a collection of just-released images to share from the show’s April 26 episode.

ABC teases that in “Aftermath,” as Emily sifts through the wreckage of her life, even her closest friends worry she has finally gone too far.

The images in our gallery below show a peaceful moment with Jack, Karl and Stevie interrupted by a shocking revelation. (Has word of Victoria’s demise and the destruction of the Grayson mansion been made public?)

Meanwhile, Ems is seen again meeting secretly with Mason Treadwell, who appears to be firmly back on the scene.

As you may recall, Emily promised that she would one day treat Mason to a tell-all story about the real Amanda Clarke and her role in wreaking Hamptons havoc, all in return for his compliance, and a short stay behind bars.

Treadwell kept his end of the bargain, but it seems Ems did not, revealing her Amanda Clarke identity to the press and not in an exclusive to Treadwell, as was part of their bargain. What are you up to, Treadwell? And how hard is that fall Ems is going to take for Victoria’s murder?

“Aftermath” airs Sunday April 26 on ABC.

Our gallery follows below.


REVENGE - "Aftermath"

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(ABC/Richard Cartwright)NICK WECHSLER

One Comment

  1. Caroline

    April 10, 2015 at 8:33 pm

    If you recall, Mason Treadwell was broken out of prison by Amanda/Emily and Nolan as part of a deal. They made it look like he had had a heart attack or something, but it was actually a Japanese plant that stops the heart for a couple hours (doesn’t really exist in real life) and they paid for him to stay in hiding in a tropical place.

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