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IMAGES: Stitchers 1×02 “Friends in Low Places”

By on May 25, 2015

Emma Ishta as Kirsten (ABC Family/Tony Rivetti) EMMA ISHTA

Stitchers debuts on ABC Family on June 2.

The light and pacy ‘soft scifi ‘series (a maybe successor for fans of Syfy’s Warehouse 13, also featuring WH13 alumna Allison Scagliotti) follows the highly intelligent but emotionally crippled Kirsten Clark (Emma Ishta), a young woman with a voracious aptitude for technology who finds herself working for a secret government agency that hacks into the minds of the recently deceased in order to solve crimes.

While Kristen’s temporal displaysia and low emotional aptitude make her the perfect choice to head up the Stitcher team, her encounters with the dead also allow her to experience the intense emotions she cannot access in her everyday life. Think the CW’s iZombie, but for those who prefer their genre TV without a side order of brains.

We’ve got first look images to share from the show’s second episode “Friends in Low Places,” along with a collection of behind the scenes photos. (We’re not sure why ABC Family hasn’t released premiere images yet either!)

Airing June 9, “Friends in Low Places” finds the Stitchers team investigating the last memories of a young woman whose life was claimed by a new drug.

However, the team learns to tread carefully when they run into Detective Fisher (guest star Damon Dayoub) during the course of their covert investigation.

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STITCHERS - "Friends in Low Places"

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STITCHERS - "Friends in Low Places" - Kirsten crosses paths with Detective Fisher again when they end up working on the same overdose death of a young woman in an all-new episode of “Stitchers,” airing Tuesday, June 9, 2015 at 9:00PM ET/PT on ABC Family. (ABC Family/Tony Rivetti)EMMA ISHTA, ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI

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