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Scandal Episode 1.02 ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ Promo Trailer

By on April 6, 2012

Kerry Washington in ABC's Secrets. Photo by Colleen Hayes/ © ABC

When Pope & Associates’ newest client, DC Madam Sharon Marquette, is under investigation, the team needs to do everything possible to keep her client list under wraps. The list is literally a Who’s Who of DC influentials – and while it’s Olivia’s job to protect her client, she finds herself protecting a lot more than just the madam. Meanwhile, Quinn runs into some trouble with the President’s former intern, Amanda Tanner, on “Scandal,” THURSDAY, APRIL 12 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

One Comment

  1. Matt Janovic

    April 8, 2012 at 10:39 pm

    I’d love to know if Ms. Smith was directly involved in the press campaign against Ms. Palfrey (aka the “DC Madam). She was a fixer when she was a U.S. attorney too, that’s what they’re for, to keep real forces of uncompromised law and order at bay, to keep the executive and the cronies out of prison. A show about scumbags. I was on the DC Madam’s defense team as a researcher, these people are dirt, I saw it in how they ran her to the grave.

    ABC also betrayed Palfrey as a story source/subject and didn’t run what supposed to be a much longer 20/20 segment on their research into her phone records. Having seen the deeper subpoenaed ones, I know they were stretching the truth about their contents, but they only got 1993-2001, though that was enough. They might have gotten beyond those years. Either way you cut it, they did damage control for the GOP during all of that, like the rest of the national media.

    When’s ABC going to do a series glorifying mafia cleaners? Why not? This is the same. By the way: the scandal wasn’t separate from Hookergate, and Palfrey was represented by Lewinsky’s former counsel, Preston Burton. He’s now the fiduciary of her estate, nice. Not nice is USA Jeffrey Taylor (interim appointment) directing that a clearly suicidal woman be pushed to the brink. Her trial judge–James Robertson–was on the FISA court. Their office is at the DOJ, incidentally. He replaced District Judge Gladys Kessler–she was abruptly replaced after granting the defense wide subpoenaing powers over basically the entire intelligence community.

    But no, the narrative is that this was nothing about the intelligence community at all, which is a very weak lie. It was about the intelligence community, influence peddling in the appropriations process, and no, she wasn’t murdered, that wasn’t necessary after the job they did on her in court during the proceedings. That would include illegally leaking an unsigned warrant-affidavit to editor Bill Bastone at the Smoking Gun. The Pentagon, the entertainment model of journalism in corporate media, the intelligence community–all part of the same nexus, all the same lawlessness of power run amok.

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