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5 Things We Learned From The Sleepy Hollow NYCC Panel

By on October 14, 2013

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“Oh, Oh, Oh it’s magic…” might have been the perfect intro as the cast and creators of FOX’s new Monday night drama hit the stage at New York Comic Con.

The show came out in full force with its cast of attendees, including Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Katia Winter, and Orlando Jones. Executive Producers/Co-Creators also graced the stage during the one hour panel.

Sleepy Hollow has quite successfully blended several genres, including cop procedural, comedy, sci-fi, horror, and fantasy. Sunday’s presentation proved, however, that this series’ greatness is also steeped in the cast, the monsters, and Orlando Jones denial of the “fourth wall.” For fans who couldn’t make it, check out our recap of what the stars and creators had to say about the perfect storm of Sleepy Hollow, how they approach creating their world and some of the challenges that come with it.

I. On Making The Show’s Monsters

The show’s mythology leaves quite a bit of room for surprises, but the incorporation of horror has a more immediate payoff for viewers when it comes to “shocking” moments. While discussing the use of monsters, the series’ executive producers noted that they try to construct the most interesting monsters to watch, but instead of relying on visual effects they stick to more practical methods of creating baddies. Despite this, there are no limits to how they conceive monsters so they are constantly pushing themselves to figure out what they can achieve on screen.

III. The Complicated Life of Katrina Crane

Fans of the show are largely in favor of a “more than just friends” relationship between Ichabod and Abbie. Ichabod is still married and in love with his wife though, and his wife, Katrina, is also still very much in love with him. However, it’s difficult to have a relationship when the apocalypse is approaching and you are trapped in a gray and misty in-between. On the challenges of portraying Katrina’s purpose and her relationship with Ichabod, Winter said, “It’s a tricky balance of feeling pain and longing for him and trying to focus on the bigger picture.”

III. Laughing With Them, Not At Them

The word ridiculous became a pretty common way of describing the premise of Sleepy Hollow before it premiered mid-September. Since then viewers have been pleasantly surprised by the show’s turn on a classic tale. And while the wackiness persists it’s far more clever because of the show’s strong universe building. The writers have made comedy a vital part of better settling viewers into this weird time travel fantasy romp and the panel touched on how humor is not just played for the joke, but as a way to help expound on the oddities of Abbie and Ichabod’s situation. The actors also expressed working hard at making the funny funny, but remembering to let the more meaty and serious material shine.

IV. What’s Coming Up 

After having aired only 3 episodes, the new Monday night adventure became the first series of the season to receive a renewal. Because of this the show has been able to weave set up into season one. The writers have also already begun playing with the creative direction of season 2. Expect to see set up within this season’s remaining episodes that will turn into material for next year.

IV. Other Takeaways

On Set: It looks like special effects aren’t necessary to be scary good. Shooting the Sandman scenes, Nicole Beharie became physically ill while working with the monster. “That day I was actually a little freaked out about what we were doing and I actually got fairly ill dealing with the Sandman,” said Beharie.

Fun Fact: Ichabod Crane was not originally written as British. The creators were searching for the right Ichabod and couldn’t find him… until they met Tom Mison. After his audition, they reassessed their approach and found that it may be more compelling to tell a story about a British man who fought on America’s side during the Revolutionary War.

Spoiler: It was announced a few weeks ago that John Noble (Fringe) would be appearing in the show. During the panel, it was confirmed that the actor would be playing a sin-eater. The goodies didn’t stop there though. During a rough cut 8 minute preview of the November 4th episode, Katrina revealed that this sin-eater is the key to helping her unbind the connection between Ichabod’s life and the Headless Horseman’s.

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Edit: FOX has just sent us the following video containing highlights from the panel in New York. Were you there? You might just catch yourself in one of the clips below.

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