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Sleepy Hollow Paleyfest 2014 Highlights

By on March 20, 2014

Some of the Sleepy Hollow cast and crew at Paleyfest 2014.

Didn’t get to catch the Sleepy Hollow panel from Paleyfest yesterday? Don’t worry, we’ve assembled a list of facts no self-respecting SleepyHead should go without, especially with season 2 just around the corner.

Who Was There?

In attendance at yesterday’s panel were series stars Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Orlando Jones, Lyndie Greenwood and John Cho. Also present were executive producers Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Len Wiseman, Heather Kadin and Mark Goffman.

The Headless Horseman also made a brief cameo – until his axe broke on stage and he bumped himself off the scenery while making his exit. The crowd loved every minute!

New Characters

With Irving in jail, there’s going to be a new (hopefully temporary) sheriff in town. “With Irving incarcerated, we have to figure out who’s going to be in charge of the law and order in Sleepy Hollow,” teased EP Mark Goffman. However, the new boss will not necessarily be an ally to Ichabod, Abbie and co.

New Weapons

EP Len Wiseman revealed that the gang will forge a new weapon in season 2 to attempt to deal with Headless. The weapon is actually less a weapon in the strictest sense, but “a new creature that our team kind of controls … but doesn’t,” according to Wiseman.  “It’s a dangerous creation that Headless will have to face. It’s  as evil and scary as Headless.”

Heads up: This scary new almost-controllable creature will be fashioned from Headless’ head – the one item of power the gang have managed to hang on to until now.

Is Jenny Dead?

Lyndie Greenwood is not going anywhere! However, “You can be dead, but that doesn’t mean you’re gone,” remarked Mark Goffman.

What About Irving?

Orlando Jones took to the stage wearing a “Free Frank Irving” T-shirt. His incarceration, and the new captain will be a story element going forward into the season ahead.

What About Henry Parrish?

With John Noble upped to series regular for season 2, fans can expect War/Jeremy/Henry Parrish to continue to be a major thorn in our players’ sides. The producers discussed that Noble will be “a major presence” this season, and that war and redemption will be theme going forward. Is Jeremy beyond hope? Tom Mison pointed out that this evil character is still his [Ichabod’s] son. The question for Ichabod might be whether he can actually kill his own blood if it should come to it.

What About Andy (John Cho)?

When pitched the role of Andy, and informed that the unlucky sheriff would not die in the pilot, John Cho emailed Len Wiseman with “F–kin’ A, I’m in!” Despite being buried alive in Washington’s tomb, Andy may return for more episodes. Andy’s famous neck folds take two hours in prosthetics to put on, and an hour to take off again. FYI.

Shipping, Fan Fiction and Slash Fiction

Tom and Nicole admitted to being surprised initially at the overwhelming desire by fans to see Abbie and Ichabod (Ichabbie) in a romantic relationship. Although the producers played down the romantic angle, (“It really is a friendship, a powerful and honest friendship,” said EP Heather Kadin) Nicole Behaire addressed the point head on, saying: “Tom’s a handsome guy. I can only imagine that people are like ‘Hook up already! What are you doing Abbie? You’re wasting time!'” 

Tom Mison admitted he had to Google the word “Ship” to understand what Ichabbie was all about. He joked that there was a lot of fiction out there that involves Abbie carrying Ichabod.

Orlando Jones suggested he should Google “Sleepy Hollow Slash fiction” as his next point of call. The crowd cheered.

The Fans are Still Here

#SleepyHollow trended in the US yesterday just as the panel started. The fans are waiting.

Fun Stuff

  1. The cast made suggestions on the casting of a new Horseman. Their picks included Norman Reedus, Idris Elba and Clint Eastwood.
  2. Orlando Jones thinks Sleepy Hollow should do a crossover with the CW’s Supernatural.
  3. Will we see Ichabod driving a car in season 2? The producers said “Wait and see!”
  4. Ichabod’s physicality was something Tom gave a lot of thought to. Tom admitted that the coat helps with Ichabod’s posture. Wiseman made a reference to Ichabod’s “Sideways glances” which Tom described as “a dirty little side eye.”
  5. Lyndie Greenwood said she was already a Sleepy Hollow fan before joining the cast.
  6. EP Roberto Orci said they hear what the fans say and thanked them for “keeping the show grounded.”
  7. A Fan commented to Tom Mison that he was wearing skinny jeans. Tom insisted he was not, and that skinny jeans are the Devil’s trousers. EP Len Wiseman said there are no plans to modernise Ichabod’s wardrobe.
  8. Tom Mison on John Noble’s amazing voice: “I wanted the gruffness of someone buried for 2000 years. I lowered my voice. Then John Noble appeared & I thought, “You prick!””
  9. “Midnight Ride” is Tom’s favorite episode to date. Nicole Behaire said hers were also “Midnight Ride” and “Sin Eater.” She loved working with John Noble.
  10. One lucky got got Orlando Jones’ T-shirt.

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  1. Pat H

    March 20, 2014 at 4:07 pm

    Thank you so much for the news. I cannot wait for season two. 🙂

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