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Stolen kisses, tumour removals and staged family arguments in Dallas’ ‘The Price You Pay’

By on June 21, 2012

Larry Hagman as J.R. Ewing and Josh Henderson as John Ross Ewing in Dallas. Photo: © TNT

Stolen kisses, tumour removals and staged family arguments. It’s just another day for the characters of Dallas. This week’s episode provides a generous dose of turmoil for the Ewings and friends, not that we were expecting any less. The potential sale of Southfork is still the primary concern for all of the characters, but there are plenty of subplots to explore within that drama.

Early in the episode, Bobby and Ann receive the good news that Bobby’s tumour was successfully removed. Unfortunately the bad news is that the tumour was larger than predicted and therefore has a higher chance of returning. To battle this, Bobby agrees to undergo intense chemotherapy with dangerous side effects. While those effects include potential liver and heart damage, Bobby is quick to note that hair loss is not a possibility. Unsurprisingly, Ann has a harder time maintaining a sense of humour throughout the experience.

Bobby also chose this time to tell his son, Chris, about the cancer. The two have a heated argument about whether or not Bobby should have spilled the news sooner. Devastated by the information, Chris argues that his father has been taking care of him his whole life and asks, “Why don’t you let me take care of you for once?”

Despite those words, Chris had more than enough to deal with in this episode. While spending time with Elena on his alternative energy project, the two share more than a couple affectionate glances. All of that tension leads to them sneaking a kiss – and this is Southfork, so of course it is caught on camera. After the heated moment, Chris appears quite repentant. He tells his wife that he loves her and is sorry for being distracted (failing to mention the kiss). He also suggests they go live at Southfork in order to be there for Bobby.

Julie Gonzalo (left) as Rebecca Sutter and Jordana Brewster as Elena Ramos. Photo: © TNT

It appears Southfork will need a few spare rooms made up, as J.R. also wormed his way into the household. J.R. and his son, John Ross, appear to quickly get over their anger from last week’s episode and team up for real this time. J.R. gives his son a speech about making up for being a bad father. Naturally, for J.R. this means showing his son the ropes of secrecy and backstabbing. Considering the way John Ross eats up that advice, they do seem like a perfect father and son pair. At the same time, even John Ross may want to watch his back… his father did begin his speech by holding a razor blade to his son’s throat.

Those two schemers are not the only ones keeping secrets. We find out that Chris’s wife, Rebecca, sent the email responsible for breaking Chris and Elena up. Seeing as she was supposed to have met Chris randomly, this news definitely poses some intriguing questions. Rebecca seems reluctant to follow through with whatever her plan is, though, and spends time shooting bottles with her mother-in-law. It’s female bonding Dallas style.

For those who watched the previous Dallas, another familiar face makes an appearance in this episode. Cliff Barnes arrives at Southfork and is interested in buying the ranch, as well as investing in Chris’s project. In the past, the Ewings and the Barnes were competitors. While Bobby remains friendly, his brother is less than thrilled. J.R. makes that pretty clear when he mentions that “time has not been kind” to Cliff’s face and expresses a desire to dance on Cliff’s grave.

We’re left with a variety of unanswered questions in this episode. Will Bobby’s cancer stay away? What is the big secret that Rebecca and her brother are hiding? Bobby and Ann are currently suspicious of J.R.’s motives, but will he succeed in earning (or stealing) their trust? One thing that seems certain is that J.R. and his wild eyebrows will be sticking around to stir up trouble. At least, that is the impression he leaves us with lines like, “Bullets don’t seem to have much of an effect on me, darling.”

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