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Suits Review: Harvey is ‘All In’

By on July 27, 2012

Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams in Suits. Photo: Christos Kalohoridis © USA

Pearson Hardman is still reeling from the events of the previous episode in this week’s ‘All In.’ Harvey in particular misses the recently fired Donna, though he brushes it off when Mike asks him about it. Once again Louis tries to make friends in the office and, as usual, it ends badly. The ever poised Jessica is forced to deal with an unpleasant blast from the past when a case goes poorly. Perhaps most disturbingly of all, at least for Harvey’s idiosyncrasies, is Donna’s temporary replacement. Apparently Harvey likes his file system to be a certain way and does not appreciate the new flowers on his desk.

We begin with Harvey knocking on Mike’s door, interrupting Mike’s rare relaxation time. After the expected mocking of Mike’s apartment, Harvey tells Mike to suit up (well, tux-up) because they are headed to Atlantic City. Once in the city they head to a casino so that Harvey can keep Keith Hoyt (guest star Peter Outerbridge), a client with a drinking and gambling problem, out of trouble. They arrive in time to watch Keith lose his company to a man named Tommy (guest star Scott Grimes) in a poker game. The company is worth approximately thirty million dollars. So much for staying out of trouble.

Harvey attempts to make a settlement offer instead of challenging the terms of the poker game in court. Unfortunately, that is the reason the judge decides the case must go to trial. Since Harvey and Mike stress that their client is an alcoholic checking into rehab, the judge also decides to grant control of the company to Tommy until the case is settled.

Things are looking bad for Harvey and Mike until they come across information that could kill the company. Harvey tells Tommy he would rather see the company worth nothing than see Tommy have it. It is at this point that Harvey challenges Tommy to a poker game for the company. Could this recklessness be a sign of his distress over losing Donna? Harvey ignores Mike’s offer to play the game, since Mike obviously has a way with cards and numbers. Harvey insists that he doesn’t play the odds, he plays the man. We have seen Harvey read people extremely well, but it still seems like a pretty bold move.

Guest star Scott Grimes. Photo: Christos Kalohoridis © USA

Fortunately that risk pays off and Harvey wins the game, facing an angry Jessica afterwards. She reminds him that he is a human being and that sometimes people lose, to which he retorts that all they have been doing lately is losing. He references Hardman’s return, Donna’s exit and the fraud case as examples of their failing. All Jessica wants to know is if Harvey has that defiance out of his system and can focus. Though Harvey states that he is focused, the look on Jessica’s face says she is unconvinced, and we can hardly blame her.

One thing we can blame her for, though, is the problem the firm faces due to Ella (or as she corrects Jessica – Judge Fullman). Ella denies the motion to seal that the firm filed in their fraud case. When Jessica goes to meet Ella, she remembers playing a humiliating prank on Ella during law school. It appears that Ella remembers the prank, too, and is still holding a grudge.

Determined to get Ella removed from their case, Jessica donates money to Ella’s campaign. She does this so that Ella’s participation in the case would look like a conflict of interests. Reluctantly, Ella offers to remove herself from the case if Jessica will admit to sabotaging her chances at a job that Ella wanted years earlier. Ella believes that Jessica played the embarrassing prank on her so that Jessica would get the job that both of them wanted. Without any hesitation, Jessica admits it and says she would do it again.

Meanwhile, Louis and Rachel run into each other after work at the ballet. They discuss their concern about Donna and end up bonding over a shared love of dance. After sitting together during the performance, they bump into the director of the ballet company, Sergei (guest star Michael Des Barres). Sergei has complaints about the dance rehearsal space, so Louis offers to represent him. Since Rachel is so enthusiastic about it, Louis allows her to work on the project with him. This is a big deal for Rachel and she seems very appreciative.

After Louis and Rachel meet with the owner of the rehearsal hall, they discover that Sergei lied about a special fund that was supposed to cover building repairs. This devastates Louis, who has greatly admired Sergei for his work. Rachel steps in and gives Louis a boosting pep talk about how the ballet they both love is bigger than Sergei.

Inspired by Rachel’s words, Louis brings her to confront a very indignant Sergei. Louis informs him that the ballet will be able to pay their debts by firing Sergei with his ‘bloated salary’. The project is a success and, by the end of it all, Rachel finds herself rather fond of Louis.

That affection fades fairly quickly when Mike drops in for a visit. He spots Louis’s dictaphone on Rachel’s desk and insists they play some of the soundbites. A giggling Rachel tries halfheartedly to stop him, but they both freeze when they hear Harvey’s voice on the dictaphone. Realizing that Louis bugged Harvey’s office and used the information he heard to rat them out to Hardman, Mike and Rachel are both horrified.

Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross. Photo: Christos Kalohoridis © USA

Mike spills this news to Harvey, resulting in one of the best scenes of the episode. Harvey walks into Louis’s office, dictaphone in hand, and does not even need to speak for his fury to be understood. He walks menacingly toward Louis, who shrinks away. Muttering something about a privacy violation, Louis is clearly afraid. Harvey says there will come a day when he’ll need something from Louis, and when he does, Louis better remember this day. Rather than throw the punch it looks like he wants to, Harvey states that Louis owes him one and walks out.

Once again, Suits delivers. Sometimes the loss (even if temporary) of a main character can make a show feel like it is missing something, but the writers keep your mind so busy you almost forget about all of that. We are treated to entertaining banter and the endless legalities keep us on our toes. Oh, and did I mention that Harvey and Mike donned tuxes?

Tune in August 2 on USA for your next Suits fix.

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