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Suits Review: Harvey Is Always Right – Right?

By on June 22, 2012

Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross and Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane. Photo: © USA Network 2012

This week’s Suits episode revolves around relationships and the threads that hold them together. A new relationship begins while old ones are tested. Allegiances that seemed rock-solid are questioned and newcomer Daniel Hardman manages to cause quite a stir without even entering the office.

In the last episode it was revealed that Hardman, the firm’s previous senior partner, would be returning to Pearson Hardman. Despite Harvey and Jessica’s best efforts to stop his arrival, this week’s show began with renovations for Hardman’s new office. While the fallout of this development is unclear, it is obvious that Jessica needs to watch her back.

But no one needs to tell her that. Jessica quickly jumps into action, going to Harvey for help. She asks him to help her gain support among the other departments. While Donna is amusingly skeptical of Harvey’s ability to do so, Harvey confidently steps in to woo Paul Porter from Bankruptcy.

Paul essentially agrees to offer Jessica his loyalty if Harvey will close one of Paul’s major cases. This seems to go quite smoothly until Harvey talks to the client,, Tom, and decides that Paul’s way of handling it is inferior to Harvey’s idea. With Mike’s help, Harvey finds a way to satisfy the client, but Jessica warns him not to do it. Her goal was to please Paul, not Paul’s client. However, this is Harvey we are talking about. Despite Jessica asking him not to (and suggesting it has more to do with his ego than anything else), Harvey goes through with his arrangement, upsetting Paul and Jessica.

Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross and Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter. Photo: © USA Network 2012

Harvey was not the only one struggling with a difficult dilemma. Early in the episode, Mike makes amends with Rachel by sneaking a kiss in the hallway. The two are quite cute together as they try to be discreet about their new relationship. That glow doesn’t last long because Mike decides he has to be honest with Rachel about his past (and lack of a degree).

Unsurprisingly, Harvey takes great exception to Mike’s suggestion of honesty. As Harvey points out, the chances of Mike messing up the relationship are rather high. If it were to end badly, Rachel might spill the dirt on Mike. That would be devastating for Harvey and the firm, as well as for Mike. Reluctant to stay in a dishonest relationship, Mike is annoyed with Harvey for arguing him on it.

That irritation is certainly minimized when Donna pulls Mike into Harvey’s office and explains what Harvey did to keep Mike at the firm. The ever devoted Donna describes Harvey’s insistence on him and Mike being a package deal. She also advises Mike to end his relationship with Rachel “firmly, but gently”.

Meanwhile, Louis is running around quite flustered about Hardman’s impending arrival. He asks Jessica if he still answers to her, but seems unsatisfied when she says yes. He looks like a little kid on Christmas morning when he receives a fancy gift from Hardman (“How the hell did he know?”). Later on in the episode, Jessica follows up with him about an unfinished conversation. When he replies that he doesn’t need her anymore, the tone suggests he is hinting at something more meaningful.

Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) ponders his latest dilemma. Photo: © USA Network 2012

All in all, it is not a good episode for Jessica. She expresses her feelings of betrayal to Harvey, who seems genuinely surprised at her reaction. Gabriel Macht does a very nice job as Harvey in this scene, taking a normally defiant character to a more vulnerable place. As something of a peace offering, he later brings her tea set to her and informs her that she is not alone. It was a nice moment, but the damage to that relationship could take some time to heal.

While plenty of drama took place during the episode, there was still the usual banter and humour that Suits fans have grown to love. Donna steals many of the funniest lines in the episode as she negotiates deals with Louis and carefully offers relationship advice. It was also entertaining to hear the disparaging Harvey complain, “I need to move” every time someone knocked on his door.

It will be interesting to see how the office dynamics work when Hardman officially moves in. The writers on this show keep us guessing with all of the plot twists and power shifts. Tune in Thursday at 10 PM ET/PT on USA to see what your favourite ‘suits’ get up to next time.

One Comment

  1. Jim Kotrla

    July 25, 2012 at 6:04 pm

    There is to much swearing in this series. Great story line, but very unnecessary foul language.

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