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The Secret Circle Sneak Peek Episode 1.11 ‘Fire/Ice’ & Interview spoilers

By on January 10, 2012

Can’t wait until Thursday to find out what happens next on The Secret Circle?

Then check out the following sneak peek from Episode 11 entitled ‘Fire/Ice’ below, in which Cassie (Britt Robertson) attempts to drag some information from Ethan Conant (Adam Harrington) about her father and the Boatyard fire 16 years ago.

We know how she feels. ScreenSpy sat down with Adam Harrington this week and tried to do the same thing. The word cryptic springs to mind.

While Ethan may not have wanted to tell Cassie more on her Evil Dad, we did manage to pummel some information from Harrington on Charles and Dawn, the Boatyard fire and what may really be going on with Ethan that will surprise everyone.

Look out for our interview coming soon.

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