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BONES Sneak Peeks(4): A Couple’s Compromise in “The Senator in the Street Sweeper”

By on November 4, 2015

BONES: David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel. Co. Cr: Patrick McElhenneyFOX

Well that’s one way to get a TV in the bedroom!

Bones fans, don’t miss this new sneak peek clip from Thursday’s “The Senator in the Street Sweeper” which sees Booth angling for a TV in the bedroom.

However when Brennan realizes that his intention is to use the box to watch the game, she’s none too happy, quoting statistics about goggle boxes affecting couples’ libidos with its mere presence.

However, not to be undone, Booth reaches a (sexy) compromise, ensuring both parties get exactly what they want from the new arrangement.

The episode, titled “The Senator in the Street Sweeper” will see guest stars Sal Vulcano and James Murray of Impractical Jokers as a pair of funny sanitation workers who discover the shredded body of a U.S. Senator in a street sweeper.

The discovery leads Brennan, Booth and the team to Capitol Hill, where they meet with U.S. Senator and majority whip Hayley Winters (guest star Brenda Strong) and the victim’s chief of staff Eric Morales (guest star Nicholas Gonzalez) in an attempt to get to the bottom of this political murder.

Meanwhile, as Aubrey starts to develop a relationship with squintern Laura (Jessica Warren), he looks into her past to make sure nothing will harm his dream of a future in politics.

The “The Senator in the Street Sweeper” episode of Bones airs Thursday, Nov. 05 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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