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FOREVER “The Night in Question” Sneak Peeks (2): Has Henry Finally Found Abagail?

By on April 21, 2015

Photo by: ABC/Giovanni Rufino -- Pictured: IOAN GRUFFUDD

Has Henry finally found Abagail?

Two new sneak peeks from ABC’s Forever seem to indicate … well, we’ll let you be the judge on that one.

Tuesday’s “The Night in Question” sees Henry tackling the most important case of his life as he tries to put the puzzle pieces surrounding Abagail’s disappearance together.

ABC describes the episode as follows:

Desperate to find out where she might have gone, Abe, unbeknownst to Henry, secretly contacts Lucas to help find clues to her whereabouts. Already involved in a murder investigation with Jo, Henry involves Lucas and the team of detectives under the guise of searching for “Abe’s mother” — never letting on his own relationship with Abigail.

Henry and Abe’s anxiety is ratcheted up as one terrifying domino falls after another until Henry uncovers the horrifying details of Abigail’s last secret.

Meanwhile, following Jo’s awkward moment with Henry the night she decided to ditch Isaac and his Paris plans, the pair discuss what does and what does not make Henry feel uncomfortable – and apparently it’s not Jo!

Catch both clips below.

Forever airs Tuesday April 21 on ABC.

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