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ONCE Sneak Peek: Maleficent Goes Full Dragon in “Sympathy for the De Vil”

By on April 17, 2015


Maleficent goes into full Mama dragon mode in this new sneak peek clip from Sunday’s Once Upon a Time.

Remember her child the Charmings so clumsily let slip through a portal to our world? Well, that was only the beginning of Lily and her story.

Discovered by both Cruella and Ursulla, it seems the wicked pair had more use for the youth-sustaining magical properties of the egg shell than the precious cargo inside.

Now that Maleficent is aware of Cruella’s role in her daughter’s (apparent) demise – “I’m a really terrible person and I left her in the woods to die,” – it looks like her number is finally up.

Or is it? Watch the tense exchange between these two old frenemies below, along with its surprising resolution.

Once Upon a Time’s “Sympathy For the De Vil” airs Sunday April 19 on ABC.

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