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ONCE UPON A TIME Sneak Peeks: Killian Brings a Hook to a Sword Fight

By on November 12, 2015


Wondering about that “gut-wrenchng” decision Emma will be forced to make on Sunday’s Once Upon a Time?

Well, our bet is that it is entirely related to Hook, as this new sneak peek clip from Nov. 15th’s “Birth” suggests.

Watch as Hook finally catches up to Arthur, only to find himself bested in a fight.

Moments before being slaughtered by Arthur’s hand (along with being mocked for bringing a hook to a sword fight) the Dark One intervenes on Killian’s behalf.

With one swipe of her hand, Arthur looks likely to be bothering nobody for the next little while. Meanwhile, Hook once again attempts to dissuade Emma from her dark path.

But the most interesting aspect of this now familiar exchange (seriously, this guy never gives up)? Emma’s admission that “all of this” has been done for Killian!

What decision was Emma forced to make on Hook’s behalf? And what price will she have to pay? And dammit, wouldn’t be be great if he could just remember?

Meanwhile, in sneak peek 2 (the events of which we suspect might have taken place before Arthur met that tree face first) Arthur challenges Emma to do her worst. With two aces up his sleeve — in the form of Zelena and a compelled Merlin — Emma may have to think creatively if she wants to save her family.

Once Upon a Time will air 2 can’t-miss back to back episodes on Sunday Nov. 15 on ABC.

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