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ONCE UPON A TIME “Unforgiven” Sneak Peeks (2)

By on March 4, 2015


What new trouble will the Charmings encounter in Sunday’s Once Upon a Time?

As these two sneak peek clips from “Unforgiven” reveal, it’s not exactly new trouble that finds them, but old, in the form of a long buried secret involving Maleficent.

The episode will find both David and Mary Margaret deeply suspicious of Cruella and Ursula’s sudden appearance in Storybrooke. Their concern only grows deeper when they discover Maleficient’s totem and suspect (correctly) that the pair are on a quest to resurrect their evil accomplice.

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Will Maleficient’s return spell disaster for the Charmings? And what secret are they so anxious to keep under wraps?

You can catch a glimpse of their present day worries, along with the origins of their bargain with the horned one below.

Once Upon a Time’s “Unforgiven” airs Sunday March 8 on ABC.

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