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PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: Catch the First 4 Minutes of the Winter Premiere Now

By on October 12, 2015

Pretty Little Liars is really shaking things up this Fall.

Not only is the Season 6 Winter Premiere set 5 years after the events of the last episode, but the show now has a brand new opening sequence and a fresh new tone too.

Airing January 2016, with “Of Late I Think of Rosewood” the show will hit our screens with what creator I. Marlene King described at New York Comic Con this weekend as an “edgier and more mature” vibe.

Pre-premiere, fans will be also treated to a special flash-forward installment, Pretty Little Liars: 5 Years Forward, revealing some of the key events of the last five years, behind the scenes tours, and cast and crew commentary.

Set your DVRs for Tuesday, Nov. 24 at 8 pm for that particular episode.

However it’s not all mystery until November. The Comic Con panel did reveal the following intriguing nuggets on the Liars’ respective career paths.

Did you know that Alison (Sasha Pieterse) has become a teacher in Rosewood?

Aria (Lucy Hale) is pursuing a career as a publisher.  “She takes a left turn and falls in love with writing and becomes a publisher. You’ll find out later why she was looking at Ezra on the back of a book. I think they’ll always be in each other’s lives, but it’s complicated,” the actress teased.

Meanwhile, we’ll find Spencer (Troian Bellisario) dabbling in politics in Washington, D.C., while Hanna (Ashley Benson) has started a “Devil Wears Prada” style internship with a New York fashion magazine.

Shay Mitchell’s Emily is tending bar a tropical location, having had a harder life than the other Liars in the intervening years.

However, each of the women will be drawn back together at “another critical point in their lives,” according to executive producer Oliver Goldstick.

The Winter Premiere is described as follows by the Network:

Picking up five years after we last saw the Liars, the girls are not the same people they were when they left Rosewood. Having pursued their own paths and adjusting to a life without “A,” how will they be able to cope when something happens in Rosewood that forces them to go back to where it all started? Torn between their old habits and their new lives, the Liars must stick around, and together, as relationships are once again put to the test and new secrets are revealed.

Catch the sneak peek and new intro sequence below.

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