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STITCHERS Star Allison Scagliotti Talks June 14th’s “The Root of All Evil”

By on July 10, 2015

STITCHERS - ABC Family's "Stitchers" stars Allison Scagliotti as Camille. (ABC Family/Craig Sjodin)

Stitchers is about to get weird. Well weirder than usual.

July 14th’s “The Root of All Evil” will see Camille learning that Kirsten has a (super hot) boyfriend she’s been keeping secret from the rest of the stitchers crew.

Wait. What?

Color us just as suspicious as Maggie, who according to series star Allison Scagliotti, will send a not altogether unwilling Camille to learn everything she can about him. We did mention the super hot part, right?

Meanwhile, the team learns that a young woman’s extravagant, and not altogether legal, social life may just be the clue to her death.

Check out our exclusive behind the scenes sneak peek from Allison Scagliotti, along with a preview clip from July 14th’s “The Root of All Evil” below.


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