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Which WALKING DEAD Fan Favorites Are About to Meet Lucille?

By on March 9, 2016

Norman Reedus (L) as Daryl and Andrew Lincoln (R) as Rick. Photo © AMC

Last Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead was disturbing on an entirely different level.

"Not Tomorrow Yet" saw Rick and an armed contingent of Alexandria survivors storming a Savior outpost in the dead of night, and killing almost everyone as they slept in their beds, as payment from the Hilltop for much needed food and supplies. Those who managed to offer hasty resistance were gunned down, or gutted in a skirmish we never doubted was going to go Rick's way.

The decision to take lives in such a premeditated way marks a new departure for Rick's group, and we saw how deeply conflicted Glenn, Heath, Morgan and others were over the debatable necessity of their own actions. (And just because it bears repeating, the Alexandria crew took on the job of dispatching the food and supply-guzzling Saviors in return for a month's worth of rations.)

The Walking Dead is almost as big on foreshadowing as it is on subverting our view of antagonists and protagonists, and we don't need to read spoilers to know that a price will be paid for crossing Negan in this way. In the comic books, that price is Glenn's death; he gets his head bashed in with Negan's baseball bat "Lucille" in one of the comic's most shocking moments. (Did you catch the photos on the wall in the Savior's compound? Mementos of Negan and Lucille's handiwork were prominently displayed as trophies, or as a warning. Take your pick.)

While we're certain more than one of Rick's group will meet an untimely end before the season wraps on April 3, there is still some discussion on just who that person will be. While the odds (and mythology) favor Glenn, who has miraculously escaped death once already this season, recent episode clues have thrown up new and surprising candidates. Let's take a look. (Warning: Some spoilers for episodes to come ahead.)


The quickest means to a painful death on The Walking Dead is by demonstrating cowardice, and the affable but useless Eugene has that quality in spades.

Eugene mightn’t have made our list if not for two recent spoiler descriptions for March 27th’s “The Calm Before” and April 3rd’s Season Finale “Something to Fear” which tease Negan’s revenge and place Eugene in the hot seat.

“The Calm Before”

Rick’s group confronts a horrible situation they may not be able to overcome.

“Something to Fear”

In the aftermath of a tragic blow, Eugene falls captured by Dwight, a member of the Saviors, who are hell bent on getting even with Alexandria. Negan teaches Rick and co. a brutal lesson.

Yes, it’s possible Eugene may live to run away another day, but the wording looks pretty conclusive.

Dr. Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Dr. Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

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