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WAYWARD PINES: Chaos & Terror Reign in “Pass Judgement”

By on July 14, 2016

WAYWARD PINES: Jason Patric in the "Pass Judgment" episode of WAYWARD PINES. Co. Cr: Sergei Bashlakov/FOX

By William Mitchell

Wayward Pines’ Orwellian theme started in true state controlled fashion this week, with nuggets of wisdom being dispensed from the ice cream truck. “Be good citizens, work hard, be happy in Wayward Pines.” All this to the back drop of Margaret escaping from the mountain Ark after murdering Megan.

The resulting search kicked off by an ever fracturing Jason, in US Marshall mode, “check every air duct, hall way and stair well’, set against a direct challenge by Dr Yedlin to tell the people the truth. As Orwell says ‘In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act’.

The soldiers continue to deliver the 1940’s style cadet, as the young wife waves off the clean cut young soldier to imminent danger — a danger quite literally on the door step as he finds himself confronted by an escaping Margaret. Meanwhile, Jason takes time out of the search for Margaret to say goodbye to mum Megan.

As the search for Margaret continues, and the wider population go into hiding, Xander, Rebecca and a small group gather in the salon to form a plan to search for likely access and egress points to Wayward Pines by the Abbies. The vision in a hair drier that is Arlene makes a cougarish sultry return in her own slinky style. “You’re a well informed hairstylist,” as Rebecca describes the layout of the town in a sketch.

To aid the plan Rebecca accesses geographical maps in Jason’s office, only to be confronted by Kerry, and Rebecca offers some advice as to her role as a strong woman in Wayward Pines. Kerry’s unsure how to react, liking what Rebecca has said despite Rebecca accessing the maps behind Jason’s back — the same maps Rebecca drew up when designing Wayward Pines.

Margaret’s escape through the forested area and the town was as well executed as it was skilful. Her false trail for the pursuers to follow was picked up by Hessler and Dr Yedlin. The resulting chaos and confusion Margaret caused led to poor decisions by the soldiers and the local help, leading to an accidental shooting. Dr Yedlin again is on hand to calm the resulting disturbance showing leadership to the soldiers, the locals and a watching Margaret.

Margaret’,s ultimate escape after being shot by Xander while she analysed, not attacked, a pregnant Rebecca was aided by Hessler who in turn was freed by Margaret as the waiting Abbies wished to devour him as he too fled Wayward Pines.

Flashback to Another Time

The use of flashbacks to help us understand how Margaret’s way around Wayward Pines seemed effortless throughout her escape, gave an insight into her thought process. Her objective was clear, after studying the reactions of the soldiers, attendants and ‘medical’ staff she was able to evade capture from the Ark with ease, and without the need to kill anyone other than her tormentor Megan.

Margaret’s ability to move around the town undetected was clear evidence of her knowledge of the area. Similarly, her ability to redirect the pursuing pack at every turn and leaving a trail through the forest shows great tactical awareness and skills not previously associated with the Abbies.

Earlier it looked like we might see light bulb moment for Jason as he finally conceded that the growing group of Abbies ”must be here for her. That and his assertion “she is intelligent” gave an indication to his continuing fear and alarm at the perilous situation he now finds himself in. And like all the dictators before him, he’d made a bunker for him, his bride and soon to be children to hide in when the end is nigh. A new mini Ark to create yet another eden. Pilcher says “We started with just two of us and now look at us.”

However, Dr Yedlin had already put paid to any idea of offspring to a distraught Kerry. The Abby attack had revealed that she was never in a position to have children, despite her protesting that they all had to. The brain washing said she must and the fact that she couldn’t, went against everything she had been taught. However Jason’s attempt at soothing a crying Kerry could be interpreted for good, as well as evil.

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