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Wayward Pines Review: Every Day is a School Day in “Time Will Tell”

By on July 9, 2016

Jason Patric in the "Time Will Tell" episode of WAYWARD PINES | Co. Cr: Sergei Bachlakov/FOX

By William Mitchell

This week's episode slowed a little to teach us so much.

CJ's role clearer defined as a caretaker -- more than father figure -- for Wayward Pines. From within the mountain ark he monitored the world's demise at 20 year intervals over 1980 years. He watched the life cycle of the Abbies, from initial changelings to the 4014 nervous creatures living on the site of what will be Wayward Pines.

We also saw that Pilcher's entrance to the new world, filled with such promise, was soured by the sight of an Abby. His first decisions had far reaching consequences due to his failure to predict accurately the demise of the human race. This heralded the initial destruction of the Abby settlement and the building of Wayward Pines.

Back in the future, Dr Yedlin calls it 'Abby Comprehension 101' as he attempts to communicate with Margaret with a willing, if not hopeful of something more, Megan. It's clear from the interaction that Margaret possesses more than the ability to communicate through simple cards. Dr Yedlin's assertion that Margaret could be there to 'observe' them couldn't have been truer.

Margaret Identifies Dr Yedlin as the leader and to reward her ability to communicate and to prove the doubters, namely Jason, wrong, he puts his hand in the male Abby's cage, to see Margaret stop the Abby from ripping him apart. With relief clearly in his eyes and astonishment in Hessler's, the point is clearly made.

However, Jason's fear is increasingly obvious and on display as he realises just how intelligent the Abbies are. Taking the action of a bully, he shoots the male Abbies in an attempt to assert his authority, only to be controlled by a stronger Kerry (The female of the species are more deadly than the male - see last week's review).

Sadly, Megan went to the big classroom in the sky, not before Margaret ensured she knew why and just how it happened.

A life of Servitude, for What?

Djimon Hounsou as Christopher James Mitchum gave a powerful performance as the caretaker of a frozen population in the ark. His role in monitoring the destruction of the human race and the ultimate ruin of the world over 2000 years was a difficult one for him to bear.

Here is a man who clearly loves nature, loves life in all things, takes pride in growing food and seeing growth happen by his hands. He has watched everything he loves fall apart, alone for one day, every twenty years, for two thousand years. He is then faced with Pilcher’s plan to build Wayward Pines on virgin soil, an Eden all over again and Pilcher wants to start by usurping the indigenous population, former mankind, more destruction.

CJ has witnessed several reincarnations of Wayward Pines and at each attempt his love for growth is destroyed and his loneliness grows deeper. The question remains, how much longer can CJ suffer to watch what he loves destroyed.

I missed Arlene today!

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