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WAYWARD PINES Season 2 Finale Review: An Unhappy Bedtime Story

By on July 29, 2016

WAYWARD PINES: Djimon Hounsou in the "Bedtime Story" season finale. Co. Cr: Ed Araquel/FOX

By William Mitchell

The final count down

As I sit to write about the last episode of Series 2, I feel I’m about to write an obituary. The accidental death of Jason in the opening scenes, it was an accident right? I mean, it was his mom, and Dr Yedlin did his best, right? This was a little prophetic, Jason dying and the town about implode once again.

Jason’s time of death 07:33, Dr Yedlin’s inaugural speech 07:34. A new statesman is born and with safe words and strong conviction Dr Yedlin holds the town together as the Abbies are about to devour the population. The pods are their only chance of survival, however, it’s not into the Ark two by two, far from it. The tannoy announces there is a second group to be collected soon, just not by humans.

Like the story of Damocles, the office of Wayward Pines soon weighs heavy on Dr Yedlin as CJ resurrects his Caretaker role and explains their perilous position. Dr Yedlin clearly wishes he didn’t have the seat of power, just like Damocles.

Meanwhile, the collection of those going into the Ark leads to the separation of families and the ultimate, if not predictable, destruction of the town, with photographs and statues of Pilcher in various states of desecration at the hand of the residents, to the tune of Johnny Cash singing Tom Petty’s, ‘I won’t back down’ it was a reminder of the frailty of humanity, something Pilcher failed to accept. The true extent of his failure and his underestimation of human nature clear to see.

I posed three scenarios’ last week — solutuions to the current predicament. Only one seems close, Dr Yedlin decides to infect himself with deadly bacteria and enter the population of Abbies, which has increased exponentially at the call of Margaret, to be devoured and as such killing off the Abbies with a form of germ warfare.

Meanwhile, Kerry’s horror at the truth of her son and their Freudian relationship brings her to a decision that will save the population of Wayward Pines as she steals Dr Yedlins plan to infect herself and go feed the waiting Abbies. The girl from a small town in Idaho, takes an honourable burden and carries out the task with great strength. However, she is a survivor, isn’t she?

Finally, CJ is the last man standing, before he presses the button to save the little population of Wayward Pines, his thoughts turn to whether it’s all worthwhile. He loves to grow things and see growth by his own hands and does the right thing and enters the pod, once more. The last few scenes offer hope for season 3, new shoots in the green house where previously none would grow and an Abby new born child with very human features being nursed in a tranquil setting… Fade to black.


Who should live and who should die?

Dr Yedlin metaphorically took office just after Jason died. His speech to the gathered population waiting to hear news about their leader, was indeed statesman-like. However, the role very quickly sat awkwardly with him as CJ explained the role he now had and the choices he would be allowed to make, now that he’s in charge, a pardon and a death sentence at the same time.

Dr Yedlin, took what seemed like cruel action on how he delivered the news about Kerry’s son. Could it have been retribution for her role at Jason’s side or guilt at his own culpability in Jason’s death, Hippocratic oath and all.

My dear Arlene, fell at Dr Yedlin’s feet extolling her virtues in the ‘professionalities’ she’s had. (that’s jobs to you and me) all in an attempt to make herself more attractive to Dr Yedlin’s future and the future of Wayward Pines with her in it. Although Dr Yedlin made it clear he didn’t make the ultimate choices, in the end he made a few and it was heartening to see a very grateful Arlene back in the fold.

While Kerry took Dr Yedlin’s way out of a future filled with having to watch Xander and Rebecca together with a family, he did make the ultimate sacrifice in having them together and it seemed he was at peace with it. Or was it just that Wayward Pines would need ice cream in the future? Or is he the leader Wayward Pines needs in the future?

So what’s next for Wayward Pines

We have come to another end of season in Wayward Pines and the future while not clear, is certain — with 517 souls from the population saved, and the option of 320 souls still to thaw out. Pilcher’s time is over for the residents of Wayward Pines, but will they fare any better under a future of Dr Yedlin’s making?

If Kerry’s task of wiping out the Abbies with germ warfare was successful, the residents might face a bleak future, no medicine to speak of, and no food available immediately. Crops may grow but it is not certain. Some food for thought; the Abbies survived lots of things before this, who says the germs will kill them?

We have a time to wait in our own form of cryogenic tube to find out what’s next for the residents of Wayward Pines, FOX have it in their hands to press the button and thaw us out with season 3… we just have to wait and see.

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