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Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 1 Recap – The Other Side of the Sea

BY Harris

Published 4 days ago

Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 1 Recap - The Other Side of the Sea


A young boy lies down on the battlefield watching the birds fly above. He calls for it to fly somewhere far, as it is dangerous here. Suddenly his brother rescues him and runs across the battlefield until they reach the trenches.

Their comrades retrieve the boy named Falco, and the Commander asks his brother Colt for the status of the battlefield. They’ve suffered a direct hit, and the Eldian Unit has been decimated on the frontlines. Colt tells them it’s hopeless, which Commander Magath sees as a slight, coming from an Eldian like him.

Falco’s three friends check in on him, but he can’t recognize them. Gabi douses him with water to explain the situation. It’s been four years since this war started, and it’s about to end as they’re closing in on Fort Slava, one of the enemy’s mountainous strongholds. Falco wonders why they were sent here at the vanguard, and Gabi suggests that it’s a test to find out who the next Warrior should be.

The battle is at its crucial point, and Gabi knows they’ll have to enlist the help of the Armored Titan. Meanwhile, Reiner sits on the airship, waiting.

Gabi taunts that she’ll be the one to inherit the Armored Titan among them, and Zofia and Udo seem to agree. Gabi is determined to win so that she can wipe out the Eldians of Paradis, who’ve abandoned and turned their lives into hell. Her goal is to free everyone from the Internment Zone.

Enemy’s Titan

Colt suggests for Magath to use the Jaw and Cart titans to advance, but the enemy has their own Armored-titan. A fortified artillery vehicle moves out of the fort, which is capable of killing a titan with one hit.

Magath prepares his Eldian army to assault the enemy’s railroad. He encourages Colt as the Beast Titan’s successor, to lead accordingly. Gabi suggests that she attack alone instead of the Eldian unit, as she can defeat the enemy’s tank using her pack of strung-up grenades. She wants to do it to prove she’s the best candidate for the Armored Titan. Magath allows it.

Gabi strips into her undergarments, which makes the enemy hesitant to shoot her. She then pretends to trip and throws her grenades to the railway at the right moment, destroying the tank and letting it fall to the nearby bunker.

She retreats, and the Jaw and Cart Titans arrive to finish off the rest of the bunkers. Magath then calls for the rest to charge.

Above, a slew of Eldians waits for their turn to strike alongside Reiner and Zeke.


After a while, the advancing force retreats to the trenches as the airship reaches close to the fort. Then it began. A group of Eldians falls in parachutes. Zeke then clears his throat and lets out a huge roar, causing the paratroopers to transform into titans and swarm the fort.

The enemy forces panic as they face their massive titans. One of the Marleyan soldiers stares in disgust as he recounts how countless others like them have been eaten this way by the Eldians.

The enemy answers with artillery fire, which proves effective against them. Reiner sees that half of their titans died during impact and counts all the artillery positioned below. As he transforms, he remembers the walls and how he’s sick of seeing them.

The enemy pelt with shells that penetrate his armor and sever his limbs. Turns out there’s another tank inside. The Jaw assists him in winning, making way for Zeke to transform and land. The Beast picks up the enemy’s artillery shells and throws them to the naval fleet along the coast. The enemy fires back as well, but Reiner takes the damage. After their defeat, the Mid-East nation signs a peace treaty to end the war.

However, it becomes clear that the titans have lost their infallible dominance, and a new era of warfare has begun.

Our Thoughts

Visceral and full of real-world images, this new opening doesn’t disappoint. Rating: 3.8/5.

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