BACKSTROM Sneak Peeks: An “Ancient Chinese Secret” Has Backstrom Stumped

I’m you, a blood-soaked Chinese ghost who disappears into thin air.

Yes, something tells us Backstrom will be up against it in Thursday’s new episode “Ancient, Chinese, Secret.”

The episode sees Backstrom and the S.C.U. investigating a laundry service serving as a front for an illegal gambling ring after a fortune teller is murdered in Chinatown.

During the investigation, fortunes also are told to each member of the S.C.U. team., but the information given to some members reveal more secrets about their pasts than others.

Meanwhile, one burgeoning relationship is brought out into the open.

“Ancient, Chinese Secret” airs Thursday February 24 on FOX.

Watch Backstrom being stumped below (it’s a two beer problem) while Valentine reveals why he quit the psychic medium business.