BLINDSPOT “Enemy Bag of Tricks” Sneak Peeks: Patterson Gets Mansplained, Kurt Ticks Reade Off

Reade and Weller are clashing over just who’s in charge in two new sneak peek clips from Blindspot’s next episode.

The new structure sees Reade calling the shots in an official capacity, but Kurt just can’t seem to help falling into old patterns, and rubbing his superior up the wrong way in the process.

But this pair aren’t the only ones learning how to navigate a new team dynamic. Patterson finds herself the victim of mansplaining when new lab tech Stewart finds it necessary to leap in, cut her off, and then pedantically explain what she just said — in an ever so slightly different way.

Hang in there, Patterson. We know your pain.

Friday’s ep. will see the team battling a dangerous foreign power attempting to hijack a satellite via unusual methods.

Catch the clips below.

Blindspot’s “Enemy Bag of Tricks” airs Friday, November 3 (08:00PM – 09:00PM) on NBC.


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