Roman Makes a Deadly Demand in BLINDSPOT’s Fall Finale

It’s so hard for a super villain to get good help these days.

Blindspot’s Roman (Luke Mitchell) may have spent a year carefully setting up the pieces for FBI Director Hirst’s downfall, but he just can’t seem to make those dominoes topple, especially when he’s relying on Kurt, Jane and the team to make the first push.

Friday’s episode will find our heroes and villains at a crossroads, when, cognizant of Hirst’s role in recent developments (including Stuart’s tragic and untimely death), they realize they still don’t have enough to go on in order to convict her — much to Roman’s disappointment.

“What do we have? Circumstantial evidence? Inadmissible testimony from a dead man? If we play our cards now, Hirst will destroy us,” Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) points out in the first of two new sneak peek clips, courtesy of NBC, from this week’s big Fall Finale “City Folks, Under Wraps.”

So if building a carefully structured case against their boss is not an option, what options are left? While Reade (Rob Brown) and Zapata (Audrey Esparza) suggest using Reade’s cover as a means to stay close to Hirst and wait for an opening, Roman has another — more direct — suggestion.

“Play time’s over,” Roman tells Kurt in the second clip. “You need to take her out yourself. Permanently.”

While Kurt naturally balks at the idea of a federal agent taking a life in cold blood, Roman uses the remaining ace in his sleeve as leverage.

“The only way she goes down now is with a bullet. Or I tell Jane about Berlin,” warns Roman.

Will the truth about Jane’s daughter and what really happened in Berlin be enough to compel Kurt to take action, or will he and Jane be able to find a way to overcome the details of their toxic secret?

Also, what exactly happened in Berlin?

Catch both clips in full below.

The “City Folks Under Wraps” episode of Blindspot airs Friday, December 22 (08:00PM – 09:00PM) on NBC.

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