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BONES Boss Talks Series Finale, This Season’s Big Bad & More

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 6 years ago

It's hard to believe, but Bones hasn't been on our TV since 2015.

Good news though. The drought officially ends this Thursday when the series returns to FOX for the second half of its 11th season.

What's more, the show will also return next season for a final set of 12 episodes that will round out the record-breaking series, and give fans what Executive Producer Michael Peterson describes as a "big grand ride off into the sunset" series finale.

ScreenSpy (and assembled Press) sat down with Peterson yesterday to discuss where the current season will take our fan favorites, what new obstacles the team will face going forward, and what plans are already in place for the series finale.

We live-tweeted portions of our call with Peterson (@surfwriter123) from our official ScreenSpy twitter. What now follows is Peterson's full and unabridged remarks.

[Episode 11×13] is pretty much our ‘Big Bad’ for the remainder of the season. We will be seeing that person again. That was one I wrote, and it was a story-line the show lends itself really well to because of Bones dealing with skeletal remains and so forth.

I’ve been re-watching a lot of Hitchcock, and Psycho in particular, and I was thinking about how people like that who live with remains and see them as being alive are actually very similar in a way to Brennan. It’s a unique perspective. We really wanted to look at the flip side of that coin — and to get a nice little bit of that creepy feel.

The inspiration for this little homage was an X-Files episode called “Home” which meant a lot to me. It was a big reason why I wanted to do TV. They did a great job in that episode of juxtaposing happy music with creepiness. We do a little homage to that in there also.

So yes, that’s going to be our ‘Big Bad’ for this season and maybe a little of next season, but we’re still playing around with that.

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